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Saturday, September 14, 2013

My Sexy Saturday: Wolf Shifters

Now that Saltwater Lover is done it was time for me to move onto another project. I have many WIPs started sitting neglected on my hard drive, but none of them spoke to me. I never thought I'd write a wolf shifter story. I know they are popular and I have read several, but I just didn't think it would ever appeal to me as a writer. What did I learn? Never say never.

Here is a 7 sentence excerpt from my historical Wolf Shifter WIP Mate and Master.

“You belong to a pack?” Oliver asked even though he already knew the answer.
The man inhaled sharply. “Not any more, sir.” His voice was airy. If it hadn’t been for his keen hearing he probably wouldn’t have caught the words.
Oliver’s nostrils flared. He inhaled the man’s masculine scent a heady mix of leather and sweat and a hint of pine. His tongue circled his lips, wishing he was tasting Lance instead.
“Stand up straight,” Oliver ordered.
Immediately Lance’s spine snapped taut. Their eyes met. The heat in the colored man’s gaze told Oliver all he needed to know. He preferred men.
Trying hard to hold back a smile, Oliver circled the man, his footsteps measured, firm, methodical. He’s inner wolf screamed Mate and his cock stirred.
He concentrated on controlling his breathing. He didn’t want the submissive wolf to scamper away. He might not get another chance at a mate for years. Submissive males were a rarity, and not all submissive males were sodomites. This chance meeting could be his lucky day if he played his hand right.

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  1. Very delicious, Shiloh. I hope to see this come to fruition soon. Got me hooked.


    1. Thank you, Dakota. I'm on Chapter Three. ;)
      It seems to be coming together nicely. Look for another excerpt from Mate and Master next Saturday.

  2. Love the imagery *fanning myself* Well done!

    1. Hi J.A thanks for stopping by and for the compliment. I hope you visit again.