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Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Fight Princess by M.S Kaye

Fight Princess is the first book I've read by M.S Kaye and I loved it! As I've said before, I search out unique books. The premise of a former high society woman getting involved in an underground fight ring had me hooked. It took me a little while to fully get into the story, but once I did I couldn't put it down. M.S Kaye clearly did her research. The vivid writing brought the underground fight community alive.


A murderer is on the loose, and if Celisse isn’t careful, she could be his next victim. In a race against time, Celisse investigates the crime, searching for the clues that link the murder, an underground fight ring, and the man who raises the most passionate feelings in her. M.S. Kaye pens a hot, sexy, suspenseful romance in Book 1 of her Full Contact series, Fight Princess.

Things aren’t what they seem. Don’t get involved.

Celisse is too headstrong to listen. Her best friend’s boyfriend is dead, and she does not heed Cullen’s warning, slipped to her in a note as he’s being arrested for the murder.

Cullen tries to keep Celisse out of danger and also tries to avoid her, both unsuccessfully. He can’t deny his feelings for her anymore, but he knows he can’t have her. If she ever discovered the truth about his past, she’d surely hate him.

While struggling with her intense feelings for Cullen, Celisse uses her skills as an ex-prosecutor to investigate, all while continuing to fight for Ogden, the organizer of an underground fight ring. She eventually realizes things are connected—the ring, Ogden, Cullen, the murder, and herself. She races to uncover the truth before she’s arrested or becomes the next victim—or perhaps, the next culprit.


Celisse and Cullen were both well-developed likeable characters. I could tell they'd be perfect for each other before they figured it out themselves. I loved that. Celisse, a former lawyer, comes from a rich family, but she gave that life up and is one of the best fighters in an underground ring. She uses the underground ring as a way to work out her anger and frustration she has from her past. I love strong heroines and Celisse is strong in many ways ... and yet vulnerable. Perfect! Cullen is a caring ex-fighter who is accused of murder. Celisse gets involved in the case bringing the two of them together...

The murder mystery was written with lots of twists and turns. Often times I can figure out what is about to happen, but this mystery kept surprising me. The underbelly of the city was well-researched and vividly came alive with description and fresh writing. Even the villain Ogden who ran the fight ring was a well-developed and sympathetic character.

I give Fight Princess Book 1 in the Full Contact Series ***** 5 stars. I am eagerly awaiting book then next book in the series. There is more to the story and I can't wait to see what happens next! 

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