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Sunday, September 29, 2013

Today is National Coffee Day!

By Jon Sullivan [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

As a coffee addict of course I have to celebrate national coffee day which happens to be today - September 29th. So if you haven't had a cup of coffee yet today you better grab one and celebrate!

National Coffee Day has no history and no tradition, but coffee establishments are using it as a marketing tool and we all benefit. At Starbucks, customers get a free sample of Ethiopian coffee to celebrate the birthplace of coffee.

You can score a free cup joe on Sunday at Starbucks (which is where I heard about national coffee day) You can learn about other offers from coffee houses here:

I'll use any excuse to get myself a cup of coffee. It happens to be another gray, dreary day here. Perfect weather to curl up with a good book and a cup of coffee. :)

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Cover Reveal: Saltwater Lover

I still do not have a release date for Saltwater Lover but I have a beautiful
cover! *pets cover*

Those are my guys! Kojo is a hottie and I think Captain Mather is ruggedly handsome.

The Skinny on the Gay Northwest Meetup

Eva Lefoy and I went to the Gay Northwest Meetup in Seattle and let me tell you it was a lot of fun! I got to meet a lot of amazing GLBT authors and got a bag full of goodies to take home. I think the button that says "I Dick Lit" is really funny. Got to love that.
But since I'm lazy and my friend wrote a good post on the meetup I thought I'd just direct you there. Feel free to leave a comment and tell Eva that Shiloh sent you. :)
I had a great time at the Gay Romance Northwest Meetup yesterday. I was already familiar with some of the author panelists and some of the ones I didn’t know I fell in luv with and will definitely read their work.
I also scored free MM books! Can anyone say awesome swag? : )
Okay, so what did the panelists talk about? What were the risque topics addressed? What’s the skinny on MM romance publishing these days?

Friday, September 20, 2013

Author Spotlight - M.S Kaye - Fight Princess

It is my pleasure to welcome fellow Liquid Silver Books author M.S Kaye to my blog. I hope this will be the first of many author spotlights here. Fight Princess is a gritty contemporary romance I plan to reread.

Let's first get to know M.S Kaye a little bit. She was kind enough to answer three interview questions!

What inspired you to write Fight Princess?

I'd been playing with the idea of a story about a female underground fighter for awhile. Then my agent suggested I try suspense, and I pitched him the idea. The tidbit about the story that inspires me is the juxtaposition of a feminine woman who can kick ass--I love that.

I love a strong heroine myself. Celisse rocks. I wish I had moves like her!

What part of Fight Princess was the most fun to write?
The parts where Celisse lays out men who really need taught a lesson. And, of course, I liked creating a man like Cullen, a man strong enough to be Celisse's equal and who can also help her through her emotional struggles.

I'm beginning to see a pattern here... 

What is your favorite genre to read/write and why?
I tend to write more romantic suspense (though I also do YA and women's). I like a romantic storyline, but I also like action and drama. I don't think a simple romance would be enough for me. I like people to get hit at some point (is that wrong of me?)

Of course not! I think we all enjoy the dark side once in awhile.

Author Bio 
M. S. Kaye is a 4th-degree black belt and certified instructor of Songahm Taekwondo. A transplant from Ohio, she resides with her husband Corey in Jacksonville, FL, where she does her best not to melt in the sun.
Contact M. S. Kaye at:

Blurb for Fight Princess:
Things aren’t what they seem. Don’t get involved.
Celisse is too headstrong to listen. Her best friend’s boyfriend is dead, and she does not heed Cullen’s warning, slipped to her in a note as he’s being arrested for the murder.
Cullen tries to keep Celisse out of danger and also tries to avoid her, both unsuccessfully. He can’t deny his feelings for her anymore, but he knows he can’t have her. If she ever discovered the truth about his past, she’d surely hate him.
While struggling with her intense feelings for Cullen, Celisse uses her skills as an ex-prosecutor to investigate, all while continuing to fight for Ogden, the organizer of an underground fight ring. She eventually realizes things are connected—the ring, Ogden, Cullen, the murder, and herself. She races to uncover the truth before she’s arrested or becomes the next victim—or perhaps, the next culprit.

Purchase at:
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Through the peephole she saw Cullen staring her down, as if he could see through the door. “I know you’re in there, Celisse. Your car’s outside.”

Celisse grumbled under her breath. Then she spoke loud enough for him to hear. “How do you know where I live?”

“It’s not that hard to get a person’s address—as you damn well know.”

Crap. How did he know? “What are you talking about?”

“You made it downtown so quickly because you were already in my apartment.” His jaw flexed as he continued to glare at the door. She was almost impressed he was able to maintain that intense, pissed-off posture and expression when she saw in his eyes that he was barely hanging on through the exhaustion. Like riding a bike, if he stopped, he would probably fall down.

She turned the bolt and opened the door. “How would I have gotten in your apartment—and why would I want to?”

“You flashed a beautiful smile at Alfie. Don’t tell me you don’t know exactly what you’re doing.”

Celisse hesitated. Hearing him say that… She wasn’t sure how to react.

He pushed the door open a bit further and slid past her into the apartment. She didn’t think to stop him until he was already past her. She turned and looked at him standing in the middle of her little living room, like a storm cloud in her usually calm and cloudless space. This small, cheap apartment was the first place she had ever lived where she felt completely comfortable.

She realized he was looking at her, not at her eyes. She crossed her arms over her chest. “What do you want?”

His jaw tightened again, and he met her eyes like lightning flashing across the sky. “Don’t ask me why in the hell you’d want to be in my apartment.”

It took her a second to realize he was answering her previous question.

“What did you think you’d find?” he asked.

“Certainly not stacks of hundred-dollar bills.”

“It’s none of your goddamn concern how much money I have and why. Stay out of my business.”


“Excuse me?”

“My best friend’s boyfriend was murdered, and then the accused slips me a note that says things aren’t what they seem. What did you think I was going to do?”

He paused, and the glare in his expression that had about blinded her a few seconds ago dulled to the glower of the moon in a clouded sky. He turned and looked around her apartment—her TV stand with a couple movies on top, the potted plant next to the sliding glass doors, her one pathetic attempt at gardening, and then over to the bookshelf where he started reading titles.

She stood next to him. “What do you think you’re doing?”

“Does it annoy you?” He took a book from the shelf and flipped through its pages. “Someone going through your things, invading your privacy?”

Celisse snatched the book out of his hand, before he realized what it was.

“Are you pissed yet?” he asked.

“I wonder how it would look to the court if the police were called on you the same day you posted bail.”

He took a step toward her, and she backed up with her hands in guard position.

He stopped, and his voice was inside out from what it had been. “I would never hurt you.”

“You were arrested for murder today.”

His expression sobered, like fog pulling across a jagged cliff face. “I’m sorry. I never meant to scare you.” He walked across her living room, out the door, and down the stairs.

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Fight Princess by M.S Kaye

Fight Princess is the first book I've read by M.S Kaye and I loved it! As I've said before, I search out unique books. The premise of a former high society woman getting involved in an underground fight ring had me hooked. It took me a little while to fully get into the story, but once I did I couldn't put it down. M.S Kaye clearly did her research. The vivid writing brought the underground fight community alive.


A murderer is on the loose, and if Celisse isn’t careful, she could be his next victim. In a race against time, Celisse investigates the crime, searching for the clues that link the murder, an underground fight ring, and the man who raises the most passionate feelings in her. M.S. Kaye pens a hot, sexy, suspenseful romance in Book 1 of her Full Contact series, Fight Princess.

Things aren’t what they seem. Don’t get involved.

Celisse is too headstrong to listen. Her best friend’s boyfriend is dead, and she does not heed Cullen’s warning, slipped to her in a note as he’s being arrested for the murder.

Cullen tries to keep Celisse out of danger and also tries to avoid her, both unsuccessfully. He can’t deny his feelings for her anymore, but he knows he can’t have her. If she ever discovered the truth about his past, she’d surely hate him.

While struggling with her intense feelings for Cullen, Celisse uses her skills as an ex-prosecutor to investigate, all while continuing to fight for Ogden, the organizer of an underground fight ring. She eventually realizes things are connected—the ring, Ogden, Cullen, the murder, and herself. She races to uncover the truth before she’s arrested or becomes the next victim—or perhaps, the next culprit.


Celisse and Cullen were both well-developed likeable characters. I could tell they'd be perfect for each other before they figured it out themselves. I loved that. Celisse, a former lawyer, comes from a rich family, but she gave that life up and is one of the best fighters in an underground ring. She uses the underground ring as a way to work out her anger and frustration she has from her past. I love strong heroines and Celisse is strong in many ways ... and yet vulnerable. Perfect! Cullen is a caring ex-fighter who is accused of murder. Celisse gets involved in the case bringing the two of them together...

The murder mystery was written with lots of twists and turns. Often times I can figure out what is about to happen, but this mystery kept surprising me. The underbelly of the city was well-researched and vividly came alive with description and fresh writing. Even the villain Ogden who ran the fight ring was a well-developed and sympathetic character.

I give Fight Princess Book 1 in the Full Contact Series ***** 5 stars. I am eagerly awaiting book then next book in the series. There is more to the story and I can't wait to see what happens next! 

Saturday, September 14, 2013

My Sexy Saturday: Wolf Shifters

Now that Saltwater Lover is done it was time for me to move onto another project. I have many WIPs started sitting neglected on my hard drive, but none of them spoke to me. I never thought I'd write a wolf shifter story. I know they are popular and I have read several, but I just didn't think it would ever appeal to me as a writer. What did I learn? Never say never.

Here is a 7 sentence excerpt from my historical Wolf Shifter WIP Mate and Master.

“You belong to a pack?” Oliver asked even though he already knew the answer.
The man inhaled sharply. “Not any more, sir.” His voice was airy. If it hadn’t been for his keen hearing he probably wouldn’t have caught the words.
Oliver’s nostrils flared. He inhaled the man’s masculine scent a heady mix of leather and sweat and a hint of pine. His tongue circled his lips, wishing he was tasting Lance instead.
“Stand up straight,” Oliver ordered.
Immediately Lance’s spine snapped taut. Their eyes met. The heat in the colored man’s gaze told Oliver all he needed to know. He preferred men.
Trying hard to hold back a smile, Oliver circled the man, his footsteps measured, firm, methodical. He’s inner wolf screamed Mate and his cock stirred.
He concentrated on controlling his breathing. He didn’t want the submissive wolf to scamper away. He might not get another chance at a mate for years. Submissive males were a rarity, and not all submissive males were sodomites. This chance meeting could be his lucky day if he played his hand right.

There many more sexy excerpts to read. You better start hopping. Here is the link to all the participating blogs:

Friday, September 13, 2013

Take Me, Break Me by Cari Silverwood

I like to read books which I feel are unique. It is hard to write something really refreshing considering how many books are out there! I was drawn to Cari Silverwood's Take Me, Break Me. Even though I was worried some of the BDSM scenes would make me squeamish I decided to give it a try. I am sure glad I did! I think Ms. Silverwood did a marvelous job showing a beginning Dom and Sub on their journey together and handled their rocky and sometimes scary introduction into the BDSM community beautifully.


Jodie is scraping the barrel trying to stay afloat. An idea arrives that could rescue her finances and bring her together in a kinky way with a man she never gave up on. She's terrified and fascinated, and tempted as hell.

Capture fantasies rule her eBook. Re-enacting one in a documentary would surely be irresistible viewing to millions of women?

But Jodie and Klaus discover that underneath an ordinary man dark desires may lurk. What will win in the end? The man and lover, or the monster?

Warning: Capture fantasy; dubious consent; anal play; M/f as well as one m/f/f/m scene; BDSM themes including caning, spanking, bondage, and needle play. Also contains one beginner Dom who is exploring sadism but is still working out how and when to stop.


I'm not really that in to BDSM but the premise of making a capture fantasy documentary hooked me interest. This story is well written with Klaus and Jodie both being well developed and relatable characters, besides the smoking hot romance.

I liked that the novel switched back between the hero and heroine's first person accounts of what was happening. I've never seen inside both the Dom and Sub in the same book before. Ms. Silverwood really dug deep into the psychological aspects of BDSM and pulled it off well.

The BDSM scenes got a little too dark for my tastes. The couple tried just about everything from caning to needles to a menage. It was an eye-opening and refreshing read.

I give Take Me, Break Me Book 1 in the Pierced Heart Series *** 4 stars. If you like BDSM I highly recommend this book.

Saturday, September 7, 2013

My Sexy Saturday: First Contact

It is Saturday again! I was excited my excerpt from Saltwater Lover was well received last week. It is fun mining my manuscript for excerpts. I've just been assigned an editor and will let you know when Liquid Silver Books gives me a publication date.

Here are 7 sensual sentences. Sometimes first contact is all it takes. Here is when Kojo and the Captain meet.

When the Captain reached him, Kojo’s pulse quickened, jumping several beats. The man’s green eyes scanned his muscular chest, glistening with sweat from the long walk. He wrapped a hand around Kojo’s chin, drawing his face gently toward him. His touch was not forceful as Kojo had expected, only enough pressure to direct the movement. The Captain smelled of tobacco and rum and a spice Kojo couldn’t name. It was a manly intoxicating scent. Then the man’s calloused fingers trailed down Kojo’s neck, lingering for a moment at the base of his throat.

There many more sexy excerpts to read. You better start hopping. Here is the link to all the participating blogs:

Thursday, September 5, 2013

Gay Romance Northwest Meet-Up

I'm going to the Gay Romance Northwest Meet-Up in Seattle! This is a historic event and I'm really excited to attend. If you are into Gay Romance consider going, too.

Here's all the information you need:

Please join Old Growth Northwest on Saturday, September 14 at the Seattle Central Public Library for Gay Romance Northwest Meet-Up,the first conference in the Pacific Northwest to focus on the rising genre of LGBTQ romance fiction. The conference will feature discussions and panels with LGBTQ Romance authors, publishers, editors, and cover artists from around the region as well as Q&As with the audience. Following the conference, there will be a post-event “happy hour” book festival at the Hotel Monaco for author signings, author readings, giveaways, and more mingling and chatting.

Schedule of Events for September 14

Gay Romance Northwest Meet-Up
(Seattle Central Public Library, 1000 4th Ave.)

Registration: 12pm-1pm, Microsoft Auditorium
Panel Discussions: 1pm-5pm, Microsoft Auditorium

View the full Programming Schedule.

Gay Romance Northwest Meet-Up “Happy Hour”
(Hotel Monaco, 1101 4th Ave.)

Happy Hour: 5pm-8pm, Paris Ballroom
Author Signings and Meet & Greet: 5:30pm-6:30pm, Paris Ballroom
Author Readings: 6:30pm-7:30pm, Paris Ballroom

Free books and special giveaways will be awarded throughout the Happy Hour.

Select titles will be available for sale during the Meet-Up and Happy Hour courtesy of the University Book Store.

Monday, September 2, 2013

Hussy by Selena Kitt


The Eskimos may have over a hundred words for snow, but that doesn’t even come close to how many words the English language has for “slut”—and Lindsey has been called them all. “Hussy” is Lindsey’s personal favorite, given to her by her own grandmother, who likes to pat her on the hand and whisper, “Don’t worry, dear—a hussy is just a woman with the morals of a man.”

But Lindsey’s not ashamed of her reputation. She knows she’s earned it—and she’s proud of it. After all, you only live once, right? In fact, she goes out of her way to make it known to every guy she comes in contact with, she’s available for the taking—the rougher, the better.

That is until Lindsey meets Lieutenant Zachary Davis, a man who refuses to treat her like the trash she believes she really is.

But can Lindsey change her impulsive ways and learn to value herself the way the Zach does?

Warnings: This title contains graphic language and extreme sexual situations as well as a girl with a slutty attitude bigger than Texas covering a haunted past, and a sweet, hot man in uniform dead set on rescuing her from herself.

Note to Readers: This novel was previously released as “Falling Down.”

BUY LINK (Just Kindle)


“You're a very pretty girl.”

She shrugged. “Yeah? So?”

He adjusted his white hat, still meeting her eyes. “So you don't have to do that to get attention.”

Lindsey frowned, snapping her legs together and sitting straight up. “Do what?”

“You know what.”

“What are you all dressed up for—a parade or something?” Lindsey squinted at him and saw he was wearing a name tag: Lieutenant Zachary Davis.

“I'm a recruiter.”

“For what?” Lindsey snorted, looking him up and down. Even the man's shoes were white! “The Pillsbury Dough Boy?!”

He raised an eyebrow in her direction. “The U.S. Navy.”

“So you're... what... a sailor?”

“On a nuclear submarine, but yes.” He cocked his head at her. “Do you have any interest in the Navy?”

She rolled her eyes. “Only if we're at war.”

“We are.”

“Yeah, well... not here we're not.”

“So what are you interested in...Lindsey?”

He'd obviously been paying attention. She leaned forward, putting her elbows on her knees and her chin in her hands. “Sex... Zach.”

“Is that all?”

“No...” She glanced over at the secretary, who was rifling through papers at her desk, but clearly listening to them. “I also like pina coladas and getting caught in the rain.”


Selena Kitt is a bestselling and award-winning author of erotic romance fiction and erotica. OVER A MILLION BOOKS SOLD! Her writing embodies everything from the spicy to the scandalous.

When she's not pawing away at her keyboard, Selena runs an innovative publishing company ( She does bellydancing and photography, and she loves four poster beds, tattoos, voyeurism, blindfolds, velvet, baby oil, the smell of leather, and playing kitty cat.

Her books EcoErotica (2009), The Real Mother Goose (2010) and Heidi and the Kaiser (2011) were all Epic Award Finalists. Her gay male romance, Second Chance, won the Epic Award in Erotica in 2011. Her FREE story, Connections, was one of the runners-up for the 2006 Rauxa Prize, given annually to an erotic short story of "exceptional literary quality," out of over 1,000 nominees, where awards are judged by a select jury and all entries are read "blind" (without author's name available.)

She can be reached on her website at


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