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Saturday, May 30, 2015

#FallinLove with Fairytales Word Search Hop #Kindle #giveaway @DecadentBFT

Welcome to the Fall in Love with Fairytales blog tour!

I hope you have been enjoying learning about adult fairy tales. I like mine on the naughty side. And who said Prince Charming has to choose a princess? I say he should be able to marry a prince!

If you would like to win an enormous grand prize consisting of a Kindle, gift certificates, and author swag, visit each day’s post(s) and follow Rafflecopter instructions for prize entries. For more information, please visit the Fall in Love with Fairytales main page.

Bitten by Snake Oil is a retelling of the Grimm tale The Old Man Made Young Again. It was quickly apparent that the original story was far from romantic. You can read the tale here:

There were only three main characters in the tale: Saint Peter, a blacksmith, and an old man. How was I going to turn that into a romance? It was clearly going to be a M/M story. Being a GLBT author I was excited about this. I didn’t think the old man would make a good love interest, so I turned Saint Peter into a medicine show salesman named Peter Saint and he and the local blacksmith in a small western town fall in love.

A blacksmith and the peddler of snake oil screamed historical western. Historical romance is my favorite genre, so I was feeling even better about my story possibilities. Throw in a little magic, and Bitten by Snake Oil was born.

I must admit that it was the hardest story I’ve had to write so far. The challenge was coming up with a storyline. It seems so simple now, but at the time I was stumped. I am very proud of Bitten by Snake Oil for many reasons. It is the first story I’ve written given based on a prompt of sorts. It is also the first story I’ve written where I struggled and prevailed to get words on a page. I don’t know how many times I felt like I was banging my head against the wall. Now that the story is done it has even spawned a sequel, but information on that is for another blog post.

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Monday, May 25, 2015


BF word search tour banner
Announcing the Fall in Love with Fairytales blog tour!
Decadent Publishing has gone crazy. Instead of the typical price of $2.99 to $4.99 per Beyond Fairytales book, they are now offering box sets of 4-5 books for 99 cents. For the entire set!
Are you getting excited? Are you drooling? It is okay. I won't tell anyone. :D
To celebrate, the authors of these books are offering a two-week blog tour. If you like F/F, M/F, M/M, or ménage, you’ll find a little bit of everything! Genres range from sci fi to contemporary to western to fantasy. If you like stories of love, you’ll enjoy your trip through the magical world of fairy tales.
This is a cascading word search tour, which means there will be one (or more) post per day on different blogs. You’ll visit each author to learn more about her work and earn prize entries. Each day’s post will contain a banner with a word or phrase unique to that blog. Then you will combine the daily words to find a secret message at the end.
Along the way, you’ll pick up entries toward a HUGE grand prize filled with author swag, gift certificates, and more! The grand prize includes gifts from the following donors:
Decadent Publishing: KINDLE!
Anastasia Vitsky: Spank Me button and wooden spoon (What, you didn’t expect that?)
V.s Morgan: Author swag
Desiree Holt: $10 Amazon gift certificate
Tara Quan: $15 Amazon gift certificate
N.D. Wylders: Author swag
Vicki Ballante: Author swag
TL Reeve: Book charms
Jennah Scott: Once Upon a Time necklace and author swag
Jessica E. Subject: Author swag (assuming something alien-related!)
Linnea Alexis: $15 Amazon gift certificate
The participating authors include:
Are you ready for some fun? Let’s hear a hip, hip, hooray for fairy tales retold!
The Red, Blue, and Green books are now available on all major book seller sites. The Gold book is available at Amazon and ARe, and more links should be ready soon.
Twitter hashtag: #FallinLove
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Tuesday, May 19, 2015

#GLBTQ Sexy Swan #Shifter getting down and dirty! #histrom

Today I have a new release... well sort of.

Clipped Wings – now released as a stand-alone novella!

My historical story in the Mythologically Torqued anthology which features 15 great stories is out from Toquere Press. In addition, each story is also released individually. My story,Clipped Wings, is available as a stand-alone as well as in the boxed set.


After a Missouri plantation owner steals a swan shifter's robe, he has no choice but to obey him until he can steal the feathers back. Befriended by another male slave, the two of them share a bed and more.

Fate had both blessed and cursed him. Being taken captive has brought him to his mate. His inner swan sings when in Stephen's presence.

Stephen doesn't know whether to believe Christopher's story or not, but the man's touch sets his pulse racing. Finding the feathered robe could set them both free if Master Randal doesn’t kill them first.


“What?” Stephen exclaimed. Had he heard him correctly? His eyes narrowed and he searched his partner’s face for a hint that he was joking. He didn’t see one. In fact, the man’s tight jaw accentuated the fact he was dead serious.

“If you’re a swan then I’m a horny toad.”

Christopher dragged his clean hand down his face. “Let me wash up and then I’ll try to explain.” Going over to the washstand, he poured water into the bowl rinsing his hands and then wetting two rags. He handed one to Stephen.

Stephen took the cloth and tried not to pout. He hoped Christopher would wash him. Then again, if he was touched in the head maybe it was better if he tried to keep his distance. Damn, that would be difficult. Christopher’s wiry body called to him. When the man pumped his length, joy washed over him in waves. Joy he hadn’t experienced since his first time with a man—and maybe not even then.
Happiness was as hard to come by these days as hen’s teeth.

Stephen cleaned himself and then left the bed to drape the cloth over the washbowl to dry. Why did the man who affected him so strongly have to be crazy?

“I’m not losing my marbles,” Christopher said as if reading his thoughts. He sat on the edge of the bed and patted the mattress beside him.

Against his better judgment, Stephen joined him. So far, the man hadn’t been dangerous.

“Have you heard of the story of the swan maiden?”

“Sure. It is one of those myths just like the monsters that supposedly live in the swamp.”

“It isn’t a myth. I’m one of the swan people. We can shift into human form at will, and then back to swans.”

“I see,” Stephen replied, not trying to hide his skepticism. “So why don’t you shift into a swan now and prove it to me?”

Christopher’s face fell into a frown so deep, Stephen hoped it wasn’t engraved permanently.

“I can’t,” Stephen replied in a small voice. “Master Randall took my feather robe while it was lying on the bank of the Mississippi. That’s how he captured me. I’m his prisoner until I have my feathers again.”

Stephen was silent for a long time. The man’s broken voice almost made it believable. Or at least he believed it happened. “In the story of the swan maiden, the swan shifters taken prisoner are always women.”

Christopher nodded. “Mostly, yes. They are wanted for wives.”

“You’re not a woman.”

Christopher snorted. “Obviously.”

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New Release: Green Book of Grown Up Fairytales - Volume 3

My Beyond Fairytales story Bitten by Snake Oil is included in the boxed set Green Book of Grown Up Fairytales. You know what is really exciting? You can get the whole set of 5 stories for 99 cents!

A magical traveler. A sleeping princess. An unsure reunion. An impossible task. A widow wronged.

Five fairytales retold. They're not green with envy, only scorching stories for adult eyes only. You thought you knew them. You were wrong.

Lost and Found by Linnea Alexis

After Haley Monroe’s estranged husband drops dead, she discovers he left her with a whole lot of debt and most of her family heirlooms missing. Too bad the only person who can help sort through the mess and clear her name is her late husband’s attorney…her only one-night stand and a man she never thought she’d see again.

” …kept me guessing right up to the very end. It's a modern telling of Grimm's "Stolen Farthings" fairytale, and mingles themes of righting past wrongs, redemption, and second chances with some steamy romance.” ~DeAnna Cameron

Slumber by Cassandra Dean

Upon decree from his king, Sebastian, Tailor to the entire kingdom of Dormiraa, embarks on the mission to fetch the Princess Thalia home, her seven year royal trip over. He didn't expect to find her working with clockwork and gears, encased within a coffin of glass. He did not expect the sight of her wild hair to set his heart to pound, or the flash of her dark eyes would heat his blood. He did not expect he would want her so badly, not when he could never have her.

“I am a huge fan of fairy tale retellings…when they are done as well as this one. I have a special place in my heart for Cinderella or Sleeping Beauty style tales, but I have to confess I prefer a strong feminine heroine which is not always the case in those stories. In this story the heroine is strong and knows what she wants, but also able to bend for love..” ~Dreamer2229

Bitten By Snake Oil by Shiloh Saddler

Since the death of his wife four years ago, blacksmith Jed Riker has been fighting his attraction to men. When sexy medicine-show man Peter Saint comes into Tumbleweed, Kansas, Jed buys his potion hoping for a cure, but receives vivid erotic dreams of the perfectly built salesman instead.

“I really enjoyed this story…lots of smoking hot sex between the two MC's! Definitely right up my alley. I will definitely be reading more from Shiloh Saddler in the future!” ~wickedwolvesanddreamingdragons

Saving Sultan by Jennah Scott

Dillon Sultan never imagined he might some day lose Sultan Ranch. He’s got one month to find the money needed to keep the bank from taking his family’s land. One month to find a miracle.

Liam Callahan hasn’t talked to his best friend since the night they kissed six years ago. Now he’s got a chance to make things right and catch the man of his dreams. But first, he has to help Dillon figure out a way to keep Sultan Ranch.

“I loved Jennah Scott’s retelling of the Brother’s Grimm tale “Old Sultan.” The original fairy tale, a very short but charming one, is about an old faithful dog that the farmer has deemed useless as the dog has lost his teeth and supposedly his ability to protect the household…One of those Grimm stories where “and then what happened?” doesn’t get answered, not here at least..” ~JA Matthews

Don’t Call Me Iron Man by N.D. Wylders

Once upon a time...there was this guy. A man who had an IQ out of this world and was arrogant enough to give the legendary Tony Stark a run for his money. He had everything he could ever want—a good job, more money than he knew what to do with, and all the sex he wanted—no strings attached. But that all changed on one fateful night...

“This is my first time reading N.D. Wylders’ writing I could not put this story down. There is action, adventure, hotter than sin dominates, and so much more in this story. I am a sucker for a great fairy-tale. This one is a twist on the Brothers Grimm story Iron John. Don’t Call Me Iron Man is an amazing must read story.” ~Redz

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Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Do you #Origami?

In honor of my new release "Clipped Wings" in Mythologically Torqued, Volume 1 I'm making Origami swans.

Clipped Wings is a M/M story between a swan shifter and a slave in Missouri in 1842.

Torquere's largest anthology to date features a total of 15 authors please to bring you 15 unique tales from when gods and goddesses ruled the world. This collection features both m/m and f/f content for your reading pleasure. Dare you enter this realm of Mythologically Torqued fantasy?

I love Origami. I don’t think this paper art is as popular as it was when I was a kid. I have a hard time keeping still. Folding paper is a way to keep busy and I find it relaxing. One of the first Origami projects I remember making is a swan. In honor of “Clipped Wings” I figured I’d share the directions with you. If you haven’t tried Origami you should! It is simple, cheap, and possibly addicting.

To make a swan you will need a square piece of Origami paper 6” by 6” or you can cut a larger piece of paper down to this size.

Step 1: Fold one corner and unfold
Begin with the white side up. Fold one corner to the opposite corner, making a diagonal crease, and then unfold.

Step 2: Fold both edges to the crease and unfold
Fold one edge over, lining it up against the diagonal crease made in Step 1. Then repeat on the adjacent side, forming a kite shape.

Step 3: Fold the long edges to the center crease
Turn the paper over to the colored side and fold the long folded edges to meet on the center crease, similar to Step 2. You should now have an even skinnier kite shape with two small white triangular “eyes” near the top.

Step 4: Fold the skinny point
Fold the long skinny point to the opposite point.

Step 5: Fold the same point to the centerline
Now fold the same point down so it meets the point at the centerline between the two white triangles.

Step 6: Fold the entire model in half
Pick up the entire model and fold in half along the existing crease, making sure that the head and neck are on the outside.

Step 7: Fold a neck and head
Hold the swan at the white triangles. Gently lift up the neck to a graceful angle and squeeze it at the bottom to keep it in place. Do the same with the head.

Step 8: Spread the base

Spread the base slightly apart, and your swan is done.

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

The Hysteria Machine by Steffanie Homes #Steampunk #erotica

While I'm not a steampunk fan I do enjoy the genre once in a while. All the gadgets are fun and I do like the historical references to the Victorian era. I decided to try the Hysteria Machine. Wowza! I'm glad I did.

Here is my review:

This was my first taste of Steffanie Holmes' stories and I can't wait to read more! The Hysteria Machine was HOT steampunk erotica. The gears and levers and mechanics were explained well. I felt transported to the group sex gathering and what a ride. Now where can I get my own Hysteria Machine?

This one will not disappoint! I give it 4 out of 5 stars.

Do you know what the hysteria machine is? If not you can read one of my old blog posts about this invention. It was actually made for the purpose of helping women masturbate. Yes, those Victorian people were a little kinky. :)