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Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Do you #Origami?

In honor of my new release "Clipped Wings" in Mythologically Torqued, Volume 1 I'm making Origami swans.

Clipped Wings is a M/M story between a swan shifter and a slave in Missouri in 1842.

Torquere's largest anthology to date features a total of 15 authors please to bring you 15 unique tales from when gods and goddesses ruled the world. This collection features both m/m and f/f content for your reading pleasure. Dare you enter this realm of Mythologically Torqued fantasy?

I love Origami. I don’t think this paper art is as popular as it was when I was a kid. I have a hard time keeping still. Folding paper is a way to keep busy and I find it relaxing. One of the first Origami projects I remember making is a swan. In honor of “Clipped Wings” I figured I’d share the directions with you. If you haven’t tried Origami you should! It is simple, cheap, and possibly addicting.

To make a swan you will need a square piece of Origami paper 6” by 6” or you can cut a larger piece of paper down to this size.

Step 1: Fold one corner and unfold
Begin with the white side up. Fold one corner to the opposite corner, making a diagonal crease, and then unfold.

Step 2: Fold both edges to the crease and unfold
Fold one edge over, lining it up against the diagonal crease made in Step 1. Then repeat on the adjacent side, forming a kite shape.

Step 3: Fold the long edges to the center crease
Turn the paper over to the colored side and fold the long folded edges to meet on the center crease, similar to Step 2. You should now have an even skinnier kite shape with two small white triangular “eyes” near the top.

Step 4: Fold the skinny point
Fold the long skinny point to the opposite point.

Step 5: Fold the same point to the centerline
Now fold the same point down so it meets the point at the centerline between the two white triangles.

Step 6: Fold the entire model in half
Pick up the entire model and fold in half along the existing crease, making sure that the head and neck are on the outside.

Step 7: Fold a neck and head
Hold the swan at the white triangles. Gently lift up the neck to a graceful angle and squeeze it at the bottom to keep it in place. Do the same with the head.

Step 8: Spread the base

Spread the base slightly apart, and your swan is done.

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