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Sunday, June 22, 2014

New Release Stepping Stones by Elizabeth Morgan (Sweet Contemporary Romance)

Stepping Stones
(Sweet Contemporary Romance)
By Elizabeth Morgan

There's nothing like a wedding to bring the family together....
If not for her baby sister’s impending marriage, Margaret West would never return home. But after six long years, she finds herself a maid of honor who must answer to the people she left behind.
If her parents’ interrogation doesn’t drive her to drink, facing her foster brother, Adrian, just might. To make matters worse, her ex-fiancé is the vicar who will conduct her sister’s ceremony.
Everyone demands to know why she ran off. But the more time she spends at home, the more Margaret realizes even she doesn’t know the real reason.

Length: Novella (32,000/91 pages)| Content: Sweet Romance/Contemporary| Publisher: Bono Books

Buy Links:
Bono Books/Decadent Publishing:
Amazon US:
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~ * ~

“When is Aidy getting here?” Jessica grabbed the large bowl of scrambled eggs and brought it closer to her plate.
“I think his flight is due in at three.” My mother placed a dish of bacon on the table and took a seat beside me. “He will be in time for the wedding rehearsal; don’t worry.”
 My stomach clenched. “Wedding rehearsal?” I coughed, trying to clear the chunk of toast lodged in my throat. “What wedding rehearsal?”
“Today at four. We’re running through the service.” Jess scooped egg onto her plate. “I told you.”
Nervous laughter bubbled in my throat and try as I may, I couldn’t stop shaking my head. “No.” I patted my chest. “No, you never mentioned a rehearsal.”
“Oh.” She placed the bowl back in the middle of the table. “I could have sworn I did.”
“Nope, you didn’t. Believe me, I would have remembered otherwise.” I grabbed my mug and knocked the coffee back before finishing my piece of toast.
“Well, it’s no big deal.” Edward took the bowl of eggs and helped himself. “Just a quick run-through.”
“Will everyone be there?” Forcing a smile on my face, I looked up at them both, hoping like hell my question would pass as innocent and genuine curiosity.
“Anyone who is involved in the wedding itself will be.”
Great. So that meant Jessica, Edward, the parents, and the bridesmaids, plus me. That left Adrian and…. “Will Vicar Taylor, be there?”
Oh God, did my voice just go higher?
“Yes, Margaret, William will be there. He is the one who is marrying Jessie and Edward, so he needs to be there.” My father skewered some bacon and tomatoes onto his fork.
Grimacing, I reached out and grabbed another piece of toast. “Just a question, Pa.” A stupid one, but a question nevertheless….
“It is normal for people to have wedding rehearsals, Margaret. Just because you—”
Jess picked up the coffeepot. “Does anyone want more coffee?”
I straightened, my focus fixed on Pa. “I’m aware of that.”
My father’s shoulders went rigid. He lifted his head and our gazes locked. I didn’t miss the way the muscle in the side of his neck ticked. Arguing with my father in front of Jessica and Edward was not an option, so I looked away.
“Please.” I held out my mug and Jess poured the dark liquid.
I could kick myself. A wedding rehearsal hadn’t even crossed my mind. Having to stand at the altar before William on the actual wedding day would be hard enough, but having to do it twice…my stomach churned.
“So, will Adrian come straight to the church?” Edward cut the awkward silence.
“Yes. He will get a taxi to the church, and then we will bring him and his luggage back here.” My mother held her mug out to Jess.
“Adrian is staying here? Tonight?” I added sugar to my coffee. “Won’t it be crowded? I thought—”
“No more crowded than it was in your childhood.” My father took a bite out of his toast.
More and more good news. Of course he would be staying here; it was his family home after all. I guess, it was stupid of me to hope that he would go to a B&B, but my parents wouldn’t have allowed it even if he did suggest it. I hadn’t seen him in six years, hadn’t spoken to him. And yet, in a couple of hours I would be locked in the same house as him.
~ * ~

Author Bio:

Elizabeth Morgan is a multi-published author of urban fantasy, paranormal, erotic horror, f/f, and contemporary; all with a degree of romance, a dose of action and a hit of sarcasm, sizzle or blood, but you can be sure that no matter what the genre, Elizabeth always manages to give a unique and often humorous spin to her stories.
Like her tagline says; A pick ‘n’ mix genre author. “I’m not greedy. I just like variety.”
And that she does, author of erotic ménage horror, Creak, paranormal erotic horror and UK, US & Australian Amazon best seller (Gay/Lesbian, Fiction, Lesbian), On the Rocks, and erotic romance, US, UK and Spanish Amazon bestseller (Erotica Short Story) Truth or Dare? She also has her hand in self-publishing.
Razel Dazzle, her modern adult retelling of the fairytale Rapunzel, was her first taste of publishing her own stories, and now she has the hang of it, it will definitely not be her last. Look out for more information on her upcoming releases at her website:
Away from the computer, Elizabeth can be found in the garden trying hard not to kill her plants, dancing around her little cottage with the radio on while she cleans, watching movies or good television programmes – Dr Who? Atlantis? The Musketeers? Heck, yes! – Or curled up with her two cats reading a book.
~ * ~
Thank you for having me over today and thank you to all of you for stopping by. If you would be interested in winning a copy of my new release, Stepping Stones or maybe a swag pack, then please do leave an entry on the rafflecopter. J

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Friday, June 20, 2014

June Sale - Delicious Delay by Tara Quan is on sale for 99 cents!

Thank you for letting me share my multicultural contemporary romance, Delicious Delay. The book is currently on sale for a limited time. You can grab it for only 99c from Amazon,B&NAllRomance, and Decadent.
After my own not-so-delicious delay in the Middle East, I set out to write something funny, sexy, and set entirely in an airport lounge. It’s a quick summer read meant to make your mouth water (from the food…) and your toes curl. I hope I’ve piqued your interest enough to give one of the links below a click. ~Tara Quan

Delicious-DelayDelicious Delay
Genre: Contemporary Romance, Interracial/Multicultural, Arab Hero/Sheikh
Stranded in a Middle Eastern airport, Michelle Day finds herself the object of interest for an abrasive, but all-too-sexy stranger—a stranger who tempts her with the forbidden in a land where indecency could get her killed. But how does one say no to such a deliciously, relentless pursuit?
Khalid Al Dehri takes one look at the red-headed spitfire in the business class lounge and knew he’d either been transported to heaven—or hell. Her tart response to his surliness intrigues him beyond all propriety and the longer he spends in her company, the more he can’t deny his forbidden attraction. But will she explore the sensuality between them or will society’s rules keep them apart?
He splayed his hand over the back of her head. She parted her lips to ask him where this would lead. But before she could make a sound, his mouth closed over hers.
She couldn’t remember the last time she’d been kissed. Even if she did, his mastery would have turned the memory to cinder. She faced a man, not a young boy experimenting with teeth and tongue. Instead of the comfortable joining of lips between two people more friends than lovers, he drowned her in a tangle of silk and steel.
His tongue delved. She closed her fingers over his broad shoulders before trailing them down his triceps. One of his hands cradled her nape as the otherspanned her back. The contact melted her muscles. With his arms snaked around her body, she felt captive even though she sat on top.
She should be in charge. She should be taking the lead. Instead, his mouth set the rhythm and pace, guiding her through the sensual dance she only now realized she had barely known.
She reminded herself this was just a kiss—a single, sumptuous, seemingly endless kiss that threatened to turn her brain to mush.

Buy Links: Amazon | B&N | Decadent | AllRomance | GoodReads

TaraQuan (1)About Tara Quan
Globetrotter, lover of languages, and romance author, Tara Quan has an addiction for crafting tales with a pinch of spice and a smidgen of kink. Inspired by her travels, Tara enjoys tossing her kick-ass heroines and alpha males into exotic contemporary locales, fantasy worlds, and post-apocalyptic futures. Armed with magical powers or conventional weapons, her characters are guaranteed a suspenseful and sensual ride, as well as their own happily ever after. Learn more at

Sunday, June 8, 2014

Author Spotlight Midnight Kiss by Haley Whitehall

I'm pleased to have Haley Whitehall on my History in the Hot Lane blog today. Not all my guest authors write historical romance but Haley does! And she writes interracial historical romance which is one of my favorites.

Take it away Haley...

New Romance Trope: Determined Widower

Recently I had a blog comment that my new historical romance release Midnight Kiss sounded like a good read. She liked steamy widower stories. I’ve come across many romances with a young widow woman. In fact, I wrote one myself, Midnight Caller, the first book in the Moonlight Romance series. I agreed that I liked to read widower romances too. That got me thinking was it a trope?

I searched and found very little about widowers. It was rather disappointing. However, I believe the determined widow trope could easily be tweaked to accommodate a widower. What do you think?

Due to more life experience, the Determined Widow Widower is usually more assertive and less passive in combating her his foes. She He might even tell The Hero The Heroine that she he doesn’t need his her help, even though she he often has children dependent on her him and therefore also in danger need of a woman’s care.

Yes, that just about sums up Matt Seever’s predicament in Midnight Kiss. All of that is true except for the part about telling the heroine he didn’t need her. He needs her from day one and he knows it. He needs the heroine to help him care for his two mulatto children and to help set his life back in order after the death of his wife.


Unjustly accused of stealing, nanny April Windmire is turned out on the streets without pay. With no place to go and no friends, she stows away on a Mississippi River steamboat. Her hopes to hide through the journey to St. Louis are dashed when a handsome white officer finds her. But instead of turning her in, he takes her to his private quarters where she fights her growing attraction to a man she cannot have.

Matt Seever’s wife died four year ago, leaving him alone with two small mulatto children. But his job as an officer on the Queen Bee isn’t family friendly. He knows he needs a new wife, but no southern white woman will marry him. When April lands in his lap, his prayers are answered. Or are they? April’s not the trusting type and racial prejudice runs deep in post-Civil War Missouri. Just when Matt convinces April he loves her, his new family becomes a target and there’s no backing down from this fight.

Together, April and Matt must brave heinous race prejudice crimes to find an enduring love.


Matt barely held back tears seeing the children sleeping on either side of April. In the dim light April reminded him of Caroline in so many ways. She had the same molasses colored skin, the same sleepy smile.

He rubbed the back of his neck. April was not Caroline. She could not replace his beloved. Still, the children looked perfect nestled in her arms. Like they belonged there. Would he be able to convince her she made his family whole again? Could make him whole again?

He gently shook April’s shoulder and her eyes parted, still glazed with sleep.

“We took a nap.”

“I see that. I finished my work. We can go home.”

He picked up Hannah and the little girl hugged his neck. “Papa, is Miss April going to live with us?”

“Yes.” He smiled at April. “I see you left an impression on them.”

As quickly as you left an impression on me.

Buy Links:

Liquid Silver Books | Amazon | Amazon UK | ARe

Author Bio:

Haley Whitehall lives in Washington State where she enjoys all four seasons and the surrounding wildlife. She writes historical fiction and historical romance set in the 19th century U.S. When she is not researching or writing, she plays with her cats, watches the Western and History Channels, and goes antiquing. She is hoping to build a time machine so she can go in search of her prince charming. A good book, a cup of coffee, and a view of the mountains make her happy. Visit Haley’s website at

Where to find Haley Whitehall:





Amazon Author Page:


Previous Books:

Midnight Caller –Moonlight Romance Book 1

Midnight Heat – Moonlight Romance Book 2

Soldier in Her Lap

Love, Valentine Style

Thursday, June 5, 2014

Snog by the Sea – a #kissing blog hop #FF #erotic excerpt and #giveaway from @DecadantPublishing

It is summertime and you know what that means? Love is in the air! Okay, maybe it isn't necessarily a summer thing. I like to think love is always in the air. I'm a hopeless romantic like that. Welcome to the Snog by the Sea Blog Hop where it is all about kissing!

Today, I give you a kiss from my F/F historical western romance The Virgin Madam.

Once I was dry I passed her the towel and proceeded to dress. Josephine padded over to me and stilled my hand as I pulled up my drawers. “You don’t want anything more?”


“Uh-huh.” Her fingers trailed down my bare arm. “I haven’t forgotten about your fantasy.”

“Oh.” I blushed. I didn’t know if I was ready to take that step. The step I had sworn to myself never to cross with any girl. “Maybe later.”

Sorrow flashed in her eyes and her lips turned into a precious pout. Those plump pink lips were irresistible. I leaned closer until we were only separated by breath.

Josephine closed her eyes and swayed as if the bath had melted her muscles. Without thinking, I reached my arm around her back to keep her from falling.

“I knew that would work,” she said, mirth in her voice. Her warm breath brushed my cheek.

I kissed her tentatively on the lips. She kissed me back with fiery passion. I let out a soft whimper, surprised by the unexpected assault. She straightened, grasped both sides of my head to keep me still, and continued to ravish my mouth. She tasted as sweet as molasses.

She walked backward toward the bed and I followed. “Lay down,” she said in a soft growl. “Let me take care of you.”


After a vicious outlaw murders her father, Laura Rutherford sees no future beyond running the family brothel and kowtowing to the local gang. Not even marriage offers escape. No man can compete with the beautiful women who dance the cancan for her each least not until a gentle stranger sweeps in and opens her eyes to desires too long denied.

Joe Bascum stumbles into Bitterroot Flats looking for a place to hide from a gunman out for blood. When the innocent madam from the local brothel offers a bed and bath, Joe accepts hoping to show the buttoned-up beauty just how right forbidden desire can feel.

When danger escalates, can Laura help Joe defeat the famous Fletcher gang, or is she destined to live a lonely life as the virgin madam?

Buy Links:

Amazon US 
Amazon UK

This Blog is part of Snog by the Sea over at Leave a comment to go into the Prize Draw for UK winners you can win 2 All-Day Smut by the Sea Tickets for you and a friend or for our international visitors we have a mystery eBook bundle you can win with books from some of the hottest names in Erotica.

In addition, please comment below if you’d like to win a copy of The Virgin Madam.

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Monday, June 2, 2014

TRR Sizzling Summer Reads Party and LOTS of Prizes!

As the country music song says it is time to get your summer on. Okay, I don't think that is really a song lyric. At TRR it is time to party with some great romance authors of all genres.

And of course the party comes with lots of prizes.

Here is the list!

Winners and Prizes:
Winners will be randomly selected by the system and notified by email. The list of winners each week will also be posted on the site.
The decisions of the contest judges are final.
The prizes must be accepted as awarded. No exchanges allowed. For non-cash prizes, these prizes are not redeemable in cash.
For ebook prizes, winners hereby agree not to distribute the ebook via email or upload to a file sharing website or via any technology presently in use or yet to be invented. Distributing ebooks is a violation of the author’s copyright, and violators would be fined and prosecuted.
If you won a prize but no one has contacted you within one week of the announcement of winners, kindly contact carole @
Week 1 Prizes
$10 Ellora's Cave Gift Card from Nancy Corrigan (sent via email)
Amazon $5 Gift Certificate from Dawn Marie Hamilton (sent via email)
$10 Ellora's Cave gift card from Charity Parkerson (sent via email)
Trail of Obsession by Rebecca Tust (ebook)
Out of Bounds by Kris Pearson (ebook)
Aaron by JP Barnaby (ebook)
$15.00 Amazon Gift Card from Terri Osburn (sent via email)
Obsession by Sharon Buchbinder (ebook)
Terms of Temptation by Lorrie Farrelly (ebook)
Intervention by Mia Kerick (ebook)
Community Service by Dakota Madison (ebook)
Splintered Lies by Karen Lopp (ebook)
Upon Your Honor by Marie Lavender (ebook)
The Witchy Wolf and the Wendigo (book1) by Rose Anderson (ebook)
Untangle Me by S.J. Maylee (ebook)
Special Interests by Emma Barry (ebook)
Isabel's Awakening by TD Hassett (ebook)
The Road to Comfort by Becky Lower (ebook)
Miami Steam by Chantal Verlaine (ebook)
Wolf in Gucci Loafers by Tara Lain (winner's choice of ebook format)
Touched to the Heart by Elsa Winckler (ebook)
Stuck on Rewind by Dianne Hartsock (ebook)
Overboard, A Second Chance at Romance by Mia Moore (ebook)
Deception by S. Carman Knight (ebook)
$10 Amazon Gift Card from Moira Keith (sent via email)
The River Leith by Leta Blake (ebook)
Written in the Cards by Lauren Linwood (ebook)
$10 Amazon Gift Card from Casey Dawes (sent via email)
Cherry Stem by Sotia Lazu (print)
Hand of Miriam by Eva Gordon (ebook)
Shawnee Holiday by Lynn Cahoon (ebook)
Cat's Quill by Anne Barwell (ebook)
Can't Get Enough: Erotica for Women by Tenille Brown (print)
The Chosen and Drowning Rapunzel by Annette Gisby (ebook)
Somewhere in the Middle by Linda Palmer (ebook)
The P-Town Queen by Ute Carbone (ebook)
Aria Returns by Adriana Kraft (ebook)
The Complete Darkness Collection (Refuge Inc. 1 to 3) by Leslie Lee Sanders (ebook)
The Art of Love and Murder by Brenda Whiteside (ebook)
Burning Ember by Evi Asher (ebook)
$5 Amazon Gift Card from Madison Sevier (sent via email)
Safe & Sound by TS Krupa (ebook)
Lustful Cravings by Paloma Beck (ebook)
Under Her Spell by Maggie Morton (ebook)
Week 2 Prizes
Dark Duke (Noble Passions 3) by Sabrina York (ebook)
Loving Lucius by Skhye Moncrief (ebook)
Family Stone Romantic Suspense Box Set by Lisa Hughey (ebook)
Relentless by Anna Wells (ebook)
Looks like Trouble to Me by Calinda B (ebook)
Cooking Up Love by Amylynn Bright (ebook)
Profile of Evil by Alexa Grace (print)
Ravenous by Annie Nicholas (ebook)
ICE blue by Susan Rae (ebook)
A Beastly Scandal (ebook (kindle))
Dangerous Proposition by Jessica Lauryn (ebook)
Fear of Darkness by Honoria Ravena (ebook)
Taking Chances by Suzette Rose Cauler (ebook)
Hey, Nobody's Perfect by Ann Herrick (ebook)
Defeat the Darkness by Eliza March (ebook)
MY LORD ROGUE by Katherine Bone (ebook)
HIS MISTRESS by Monica Burns (digital - two copies)
For Her Protection by Amber A Bardan (ebook)
Unforgettable You by Georgina Penney (ebook)
A copy of Heart of a Champion by Roz Lee, Cassandra Carr, Morgan Kearns, Kelly Jamieson, Chanta Rand (ebook)
Son of the Enemy by Ana Barrons (ebook or print)
Undercover Obsession by BJ Wane (ebook)
$20 Amazon Gift Card (na)
The Boys of Summer by Sarah Madison (ebook)
$50 All Romance eBooks Gift Certificate from K.E. Saxon (sent via email)
Touch of Lightning (Cavanaugh Sisters Trilogy 2) by JC Wardon (ebook)
Heart of a Highland Warrior by Anita Clenney (ebook)
"Love Beyond the Curve" by Kate Patrick (print)
Love's Sorrow by Terri Rochenski (ebook)
A Suitable Wife by Carol Burnside (ebook)
Secrets of Jenkins Bridge by Donna Shields (print)
$5 Amazon egift card (na)
The Innocent Flame of Seduction - A Tale of Love and Loyalty in Medieval Ireland, by Darlene Hesley (ebook)
The Billionaire Princess by Christina Tetreault (ebook)
More Than Strangers by Tara Quan (ebook)
Hunter by Night by Elisabeth Staab (print)
Hell or High Water by Jerrie Alexander and a $20.00 Amazon gift card (ebook and ecard)
Date Night by R.C. Matthews (ebook)
The Innocent Flame of Seduction – A Tale of Love and Loyalty in Medieval Ireland, by Darlene Hesley (ebook)
Switching Mercedes (ebook)
Bag of swag and books (paperbacks)
Night with a SEAL by Cat Johnson (ebook)
$10 Starbucks GC (na)
Safe & Sound by TS Krupa (ebook)
New Leaves, No Strings by C.J. Fallowfield (ebook)
Perfect Ride by Eva Lefoy and Shiloh Saddler (ebook)
Week 3 Prizes
Lady's Destiny by A.R. Von (ebook)
Venice in the Moonlight by Elizabeth McKenna (ebook)
Chances and Choices by Ann Omasta (ebook)
$20 Amazon Gift Card, His Hometown Girl and Wish Me Tomorrow by Karen Rock (winner's choice of print or ebook)
Primani by Laurie Olerich (ebook)
Seal Of Destiny by Traci Douglass (ebook)
White Collared, Part One: Mercy by Shelly Bell (ebook)
Awakening the Warriors by S. E. Gilchrist (ebook)
Resolutions by Teri Riggs (ebook)
Love and Shenanigans by Zara Keane (ebook)
I Got Your Back, Hailey by June Kramin (ebook)
Inferno of Love by Allie Boniface (ebook )
Broslin Creek Boxed Set by Dana Marton (ebook)
Burning Ashes by H. Lewis-Foster (ebook)
Winner's choice of one ebook from Naomi Bellina's backlist (ebook)
Hearts in Exile by Mysti Parker (ebook)
Stately Pleasures by Lucy Felthouse (ebook)
The Montana Gallagher Collection by MK McClintock (ebook)
Fly Away by Jezebel Jorge (ebook)
Rogue on the Rollaway by Shannon MacLeod (ebook)
Wild Side by Laurel Richards (ebook)
A Home for Jesse by Iyana Jenna (ebook)
A Measured Risk (Regency Risks #1) by Natasha Blackthorne (ebook)
Maid to Crave (Harlequin E Contemporary Romance Box Set Volume 2) by Rebecca M Avery (ebook)
No Ordinary Man by S. Carman Knight (ebook)
Lonely Heart (The Butterfly Memoirs 3) by M.J. Kane (ebook )
With Good Behavior by Jennifer Lane (ebook)
One Dance with a Stranger by Mary M. Forbes (ebook)
Sparkling Dawn: Is She Hiding the Truth by Stella Eromonsere-Ajanaku (ebook)
Because of Jade by Lou Sylvre (ebook)
Amazon Gift Card: $15 (na)
$25 Amazon Gift Card from Rosalie Stanton (sent via email)
Mabe's Burden by Kelly Abell (signed print book)
Tabby's Pride by K-lee Klein (ebook)
One copy of Valia's Villain (ebook)
A Princess Bound (print book)
Counterfeit Cowboy by Ginny Baird (ebook (epub or mobi))
Fighting Insanity by Flynn Eire (ebook)
Dirty White Candy Trilogy (all 3 books) by Anita Cox (ebook)
Ash Rising by Melissa Fox (ebook)
Lassoing A Groom ~ An Anthology (ebook)
Little White Lies by R.C. Matthews (ebook)
Midnight Kiss by Haley Whitehall (ebook)
Romancing the Rumrunner by Michelle McLean (ebook)
The Deviant Underground by Elisabeth Roseland (ebook)
A copy of My Biggest Fan (ebook)
Siege of the Heart by Elise Cyr (ebook)
Never Dare a Cowboy by Sylvie Kaye (ebook)
Kissing Cody Starr by S.J. Frost (ebook)
Behind the Facade by Victoria and Rebecca Heap (ebook)
Her Mad Baron by Kate Rothwell (ebook)
Once Upon A Wager by Julie LeMense (ebook)
CAPTIVE by K.M. Fawcett (ebook)
Divinity by Patricia Leever (ebook)
Dreams of Gold by Linda Carroll-Bradd (ebook)
Week 4 Prizes
$10 Gift Card from Rhea Rhodan (sent via email)
Ravenous by Annie Nicholas (ebook)
Struck by Clarissa Johal (ebook)
My Mr. Manny by Jennifer Garcia (1 kindle ecopy gifted from
Temper Sanguine by Lou Harper (ebook)
Fairway To Heaven by Lily Malone (ebook)
A Pirate's Curse by M.L. Guida (ebook)
Matter of Choice by RM Alexander (ebook)
The Echoes of Love by Hannah Fielding (paperback)
Winner's choice of one ebook from Leigh Ellwood's backlist (ebook)
Chasing Karma by C.Shell (ebook)
Cursed be the Wicked by J.R.Richardson (ebook)
$10 Amazon Gift Card from Feather Stone (sent via email)
A Miracle Melody (Noah and Ronan Series 3) by Ashley Chunell (ebook)
Just Once by Julianna Keyes (ebook)
Stuck in Between by Blakely Bennett (ebook)
Winner's choice of one ebook from Nikka Michaels' backlist (ebook)
Capri's Fate by Daryl Devore (ebook)
Bloodstone by Helen C. Johannes (ebook)
Awakenings by Tasha Temple (ebook)
Seven Sensuous Days by Tina Donahue (ebook)
Aflame by Krissy Daniels (ebook)
What The Heart Can Hold by Charlotte Symonds (ebook)
eBook of Silken Kisses, by Laci Paige (ebook )
Just One Kiss by Te Russ (ebook)
$5 Amazon Gift Card from Nina Prah (sent via email)
Tropical Paradise by Evelise Archer (ebook)
Fairest by Beth Bishop (ebook)
Master for Tonight by Elaine Barris (ebook)
Cooking Up A Storm by Ashley Ladd (ebook)
Entangled Love by Cait Jarrod (ebook)
By the Light of the Moon by Laila Blake (ebook)
MAYBE BABY by Ashlinn Craven (ebook)
Son of Dragons Book 2 Legends of Oblivion (ebook )
The Mirror (ebook)
$5.00 Amazon GC (na)
Wonderfully Wicked by C.J. Burright (ebook)
Adam (Hybrids 1) by Gale Stanley (ebook)
$10 GC to Ellora's Cave (na)
NIGHTSCREAM by Morgan Hannah MacDonald (ebook)
Shift Happens by J.C. McKenzie (ebook)
Rebecca's Ghost by Marianne Petit (ebook(pdf))
Fair Game by R.C. Matthews (ebook)
Saint Kate of the Cupcake by L. C. Fenton (ebook)
The Samurai's Garden by Patricia Kiyono (ebook)
Lessons in Rule-Breaking by Christy McKellen (print signed paperback)
Cat Haus (Part 1) by Carrie Lane (ebook)
Book: A Ring A Dance A Second Chance (ebook)
Tales of the Dragonfly Book I: In Tandem by Tamara Ferguson/Tales of the Dragonfly Book II: In Flight by Tamara Ferguson (paperback and/or ebooks)
$10 GIftcard for Amazon or All Romance E-Books (na)
The Adorable Snowman (ebook)
Capturing The Marshal's Heart by Linda Carroll-Bradd (ebook)
Animal Angel by M.J. Wilson (ebook)

What's a woman to do when a voice follows her home and makes mad, passionate love to her?

Corporate business woman, Capricious Gray, is dragged to a sex toy convention by her best friend. Once a shocking, mysterious disembodied voice helps her with her purchases, it follows her home.Passion ensues, leaving Capri torn between lust for her fantasy lover and the desperate need for reality in her life.

Thall, son of one of the Fates, harbors the irrepressible need to be with the woman he's desired from afar for years. In order to make her his, once and for all, he must help Capri get past her fears, including the fear of what he represents - a fantasy.

Can fantasy become a reality for these two lovers?

What's happening in June on Erotic Notions
ALL MONTH – The Romance Reads Sizzling Summer Reads Party
04 to 06 – Summer Blog Hop
06 to 13 – Covergasms Blog Hop – giveaway ecopy Capri's Fate
14 – Jennifer Lowery
16 – Lisa Andres – Guarded Heart
19 – Brenda Dyer – Prophecy's Power
20 – Natasha Blackthorne
23 - La Quette – My Beginning
24 – Amelia Swan - For Dylan
30 - Lucy Felthouse - The Other Brother

Most Erotic Photo of WWII

In the heat of battle, photographer Horace Bristol captured one of the most unique and erotic photos of WWII.

Bristol photographed a young crewman of a US Navy “Dumbo” PBY rescue mission, manning his gun after having stripped naked and jumped into the water of Rabaul Harbor to rescue a badly burned Marine pilot. The Marine was shot down while bombing the Japanese-held fortress of Rabaul.

My first thought after reading this amazing story was could this be story fodder?