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Thursday, June 5, 2014

Snog by the Sea – a #kissing blog hop #FF #erotic excerpt and #giveaway from @DecadantPublishing

It is summertime and you know what that means? Love is in the air! Okay, maybe it isn't necessarily a summer thing. I like to think love is always in the air. I'm a hopeless romantic like that. Welcome to the Snog by the Sea Blog Hop where it is all about kissing!

Today, I give you a kiss from my F/F historical western romance The Virgin Madam.

Once I was dry I passed her the towel and proceeded to dress. Josephine padded over to me and stilled my hand as I pulled up my drawers. “You don’t want anything more?”


“Uh-huh.” Her fingers trailed down my bare arm. “I haven’t forgotten about your fantasy.”

“Oh.” I blushed. I didn’t know if I was ready to take that step. The step I had sworn to myself never to cross with any girl. “Maybe later.”

Sorrow flashed in her eyes and her lips turned into a precious pout. Those plump pink lips were irresistible. I leaned closer until we were only separated by breath.

Josephine closed her eyes and swayed as if the bath had melted her muscles. Without thinking, I reached my arm around her back to keep her from falling.

“I knew that would work,” she said, mirth in her voice. Her warm breath brushed my cheek.

I kissed her tentatively on the lips. She kissed me back with fiery passion. I let out a soft whimper, surprised by the unexpected assault. She straightened, grasped both sides of my head to keep me still, and continued to ravish my mouth. She tasted as sweet as molasses.

She walked backward toward the bed and I followed. “Lay down,” she said in a soft growl. “Let me take care of you.”


After a vicious outlaw murders her father, Laura Rutherford sees no future beyond running the family brothel and kowtowing to the local gang. Not even marriage offers escape. No man can compete with the beautiful women who dance the cancan for her each least not until a gentle stranger sweeps in and opens her eyes to desires too long denied.

Joe Bascum stumbles into Bitterroot Flats looking for a place to hide from a gunman out for blood. When the innocent madam from the local brothel offers a bed and bath, Joe accepts hoping to show the buttoned-up beauty just how right forbidden desire can feel.

When danger escalates, can Laura help Joe defeat the famous Fletcher gang, or is she destined to live a lonely life as the virgin madam?

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