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Saturday, September 7, 2013

My Sexy Saturday: First Contact

It is Saturday again! I was excited my excerpt from Saltwater Lover was well received last week. It is fun mining my manuscript for excerpts. I've just been assigned an editor and will let you know when Liquid Silver Books gives me a publication date.

Here are 7 sensual sentences. Sometimes first contact is all it takes. Here is when Kojo and the Captain meet.

When the Captain reached him, Kojo’s pulse quickened, jumping several beats. The man’s green eyes scanned his muscular chest, glistening with sweat from the long walk. He wrapped a hand around Kojo’s chin, drawing his face gently toward him. His touch was not forceful as Kojo had expected, only enough pressure to direct the movement. The Captain smelled of tobacco and rum and a spice Kojo couldn’t name. It was a manly intoxicating scent. Then the man’s calloused fingers trailed down Kojo’s neck, lingering for a moment at the base of his throat.

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  1. Terrific description here, specially drawing his face in.
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    1. *Waves* Hi Decadent, thanks for dropping by again.

  2. Great narrative. I can really see what's going on. Can't wait to read more from this book. Thanks for sharing!