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Monday, December 1, 2014

New Release: Role Reversal - #erotic Gay #histrom with #BDSM elements

I have been working on writing Role Reversal since February. The story came to me while writing a short for a M/M Valentine's Day flash fiction hop. While the story came to pretty quickly it took me several months to write it and develop my characters. I'm excited to say that Role Reversal is finally published! It is the first book in the His Dark Master series. I'm currently planning at least two more to tell the ongoing and growing relationship between my two male leads.


Before the War Between the States, Andrew had deep feelings for Robert, but he couldn't express his desires to his young master. When the family fled Atlanta, he ran away to obtain his freedom. Ten years later, Andrew is not only free but the wealthy owner of several barbershops in New Orleans. Only one thing is lacking from his life: a long-term lover. When a customer tells him the whorehouse hired a new male prostitute he hopes visiting him could ease his loneliness. Only in his wildest dreams did he imagine the new whore to be Robert.

 The war turned Robert's life upside down. Without slaves to work his plantation, his father sold Robert to a brothel. Trained in the art of submission, Robert hates his life as a whore, but he doesn't see a way out. Heartache hits him when he thinks about his past and happy memories of Andrew. The man deserted him when they were children, just like everyone he cared for had over the years.

When his former love interest reappears in his life can he get over the man's betrayal and embrace the future?

Content Warning: This book contains historical style BDSM

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