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Friday, December 12, 2014

#MySexySaturday Role Reversal - Historical #MMromance with #BDSM

Happy My Sexy Saturday! Here are seven paragraphs of my newest release Role Reversal. It is a M/M interracial historical romance with BDSM and D/s.


Robert lay stretched over the foot of the bed, waiting for Andrew to take him. His heart pounded an erratic rhythm in anticipation. For all the men who had fucked him up until now he’d been merely a toy. None of them had cared about his feelings, but Andrew was different because of their shared past. As his manservant, and bodyguard from the bullies at school, Andrew had taken care of him, been nothing but generous and kind. He knew the dominant man would possess the same care and generosity in the bedroom and this fuck would better than any he’d had before.
Andrew put a warm hand on the small of his back and leaned over him. “Have you had a plug before?” he whispered in his ear.
Robert swallowed. “Y-yes, Sir.”
“Good. Then you know what to expect. I am going to give you a plug. It will stretch you and make you ready for me.”
Andrew walked away for him for a moment probably to get the plug and some cream. Robert spread his legs wider, letting him know he was ready.
Andrew ran both hands from his waist to the round globes of his ass. While he delighted in the man’s caress he wanted more. The man separated his cheeks and then licked his hole. Robert gasped, surprised by the man’s moist wet tongue.

“You taste like my milk and honey soap,” Andrew said in a deep rumble. “I want you to spread your cheeks for me.”

Want to know more about Role Reversal?


Before the War Between the States, Andrew had deep feelings for Robert, but he couldn't express his desires to his young master. When the family fled Atlanta, he ran away to obtain his freedom. Ten years later, Andrew is not only free but the wealthy owner of several barbershops in New Orleans. Only one thing is lacking from his life: a long-term lover. When a customer tells him the whorehouse hired a new male prostitute he hopes visiting him could ease his loneliness. Only in his wildest dreams did he imagine the new whore to be Robert.

The war turned Robert's life upside down. Without slaves to work his plantation, his father sold Robert to a brothel. Trained in the art of submission, Robert hates his life as a whore, but he doesn't see a way out. Heartache hits him when he thinks about his past and happy memories of Andrew. The man deserted him when they were children, just like everyone he cared for had over the years.

When his former love interest reappears in his life can he get over the man's betrayal and embrace the future?

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