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Saturday, October 12, 2013

Sexy Saturday: F/F Fantasy

At first it was scary jumping from the comforts of the historical realm into fantasy, but now I'm enjoying building the new world with my writing partner Eva Lefoy. The working title for the F/F Fantasy story is Sating a Shadow.

Shadows are the lowest caste in this medieval like society. The highest honor for a female shadow is to be chosen to be a royal performer. Teasa, the Dragon Man's daughter is chosen. Her first performance will be on Prince Rohad's birthday.

She meets her partner Cadean at the castle and sparks fly.

Here is a HOT seven paragraph excerpt for My Sexy Saturday:

Cadean directed Teasa to lie down. Lying face first, Teasa covered her most intimate areas. Cadean’s hands massaged her shoulders. Applying some of the sweet oil and working it deep into her skin.

Her hands were soft yet strong. Teasa had never had a massage before. She’d hadn’t had anything but water caress her skin. Cadean’s touch was much more relaxing than a swim in the river. She felt all the tension and worry being pushed out of her body.

Her fingers trailed from her shoulders to her arms to her hands. Her touch emanated a trail of warmth in its wake. The near burning sensation was lovely. She left Teasa’s hands and dropped to her toes, working up her feet to the backs of her thighs. Every once in a while Cadean gently squeezed her skin and then rubbed away the slight discomfort.

Cadean touched Teasa’s naked behind and her breath hitched. No one had ever touched her there before. Cadean poured some more oil into her hands and massaged the soft contours of her tight buttocks.

Her magic fingers made every nerve ending come alive. Cadean’s hands eventually moved up to the small of her back and Teasa wished they’d return lower. Still, it felt good to have her back massaged. After Cadean had kneaded oil into every inch of her backside she told Teasa to roll over.

No longer embarrassed, Teasa rolled onto her back eager for more. Between sleepy and aroused, her eyelids hooded. Cadean massaged the oil into her face, carefully avoiding her hairline and eyelashes. Teasa observed Cadean with silent fascination. Bent over her, her large bosom swayed softly with her movements. Her gaze focused on her face, their eyes meeting for a second. Cadean seemed focused on her work, and Teasa wondered if her body met the woman’s approval. She didn’t show any emotion except for a slight smile, or maybe that was just Teasa’s imagination.

Cadean’s slick fingers worked down Teasa’s neck, inching closer to her breasts. Teasa’s heart pounded harder, as if urging Cadean to hurry up. The older woman hesitated for a moment and then her hands descended upon Teasa’s perky breasts. Her touch was like a whisper across her skin. Teasa stiffened and Cadean molded her palms against her breasts. The instant warmth was wonderful and Teasa sighed.

I hope you enjoyed that excerpt. I am having fun writing it! I don't want to think about how many WIPs I have started now. It seems I have a story to work on for every mood. They're all steamy. :)

Need more sexy excerpts to read? Continue hopping and have a good weekend!

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