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Monday, October 14, 2013

I've Been Tagged!

Blog chains are a lot of fun. This is the first one I've been tagged in. So I guess that is kind of monumental. I'd like to thank the wonderful Diane Saxon for tagging me. You can learn more about her here:


Now I have to answer some questions... Darn it. I knew there was a catch.

What are you working on right now?

For any of you who have been following me on Twitter know that I have several projects in the work at once. I think I now have a project for every mood. Whenever I get stuck on one I jump to another. It keeps things interesting!

I have an erotic F/F fantasy WIP I'm writing with my friend Eva Lefoy. I also have a M/M historical romance wolf shifter story going. *Digs through computer files* A contemporary M/M western and the second book in my Girls and Guns series The Lumberjack's Daughter. 

The Virgin Madam the first book in the Girls and Guns series will be released from Decadent Publishing on November 5th!

Okay. Next question.

How does it differ from other works in its genre?

Which it would that be? Sigh. I guess I should pick one. Since I should be pimping my upcoming release I'll talk about The Lumberjack's Daughter. The Girls and Guns series is a F/F historical western. That in of itself seems different. I don't know of any other F/F historical westerns although there probably are some. One reasons why I decided to write this series was because there were so few F/F historical romances out there.

Why do you write what you do?

GLBT Romance ..? I read a lot of GLBT romance so I guess it was only natural when I decided to start writing romance that it was GLBT. I don't think about that when I start writing a story. If the idea works better M/M or F/F I go with it. I do plan to write some steamy straight romance in the future, too.

My primary GLBT genre is historical. I have a history degree, my own library of history books, and I'm addicted to the History Channel. So it really isn't my fault that most of my story ideas are of a historical nature.

How does your writing process work?

Inspiration strikes and I get a story idea. The main characters start talking to me and tell me about themselves their fears, dreams, current circumstances and I run with it. I like to get a general outline before I start writing, but everything is fluid and subject to change. Sometimes it is impossible to know what turn a story will take until I start writing it. Through the editing/rewriting process I iron out the details and layer the story. you never want to look at my first drafts. I pity the people who have. By the time my story is finished I feel like the characters are my best friends and I have known them forever. It makes it very painful to leave them. Maybe that's why I've started writing a series. My main characters will make appearances in future books.

The Virgin Madam is the first book in my Girls and Guns Series and will be released on November 5th.

And now for the lucky three bloggers I'm tagging:

M.S Kaye

Daisy Banks

Haley Whitehall

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