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Saturday, June 22, 2013

Summer Chillin Sex and Lemonade

I am participating in the Summer Chillin' Blog Hop where you can find some great recipies for the summer!

Summer Chillin Button (1)I was going to post something sexy like how to make Sex on the Beach... but well you already know how to do that I'm sure, LOL

And in case you've lived a sheltered life and have never heard of this mixed drink before here is a tutorial :

So you actually get two recipes today instead of one!

Now for something totally innocent and easy! (Yes, I can be innocent once in a while.) It is another drink. I am always grabbing something cool to drink.

Old Fashioned Lemonade

Perfect for a hot sunny day when you want a sugar high instead of a buzz. And it is the old fashioned kind of course, because this is History in the Hot Lane.


- 6 lemons

- 1 cup white sugar

-6 cups cold water

Juice the lemons to make 1 cup of juice. To make your labor easier, FIRMLY roll the lemons between your hand and counter top before cutting in half and juicing.

In a gallon pitcher combine 1 cup lemon juice, 1 cup sugar, and 6 cups cold water. Stir. Adjust water to taste. Chill and serve over ice.

And then go Hop some more.
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  1. Ooh my characters in the Dirty Birdies Flock Hop totally have sex on the beach! But they don't drink it. :) I like lemonade though. Its good for summer when the temps are high

  2. I always love getting new "sex"y recipes. Thanks