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Friday, March 13, 2015

Writing and Editing #Scifi #MM - Linatar's Pet

I've been editing and expanding the M/M short story I wrote last August for the challenge. I'm not sure if it will reach full novella length or not, but it is no longer 4k!

I'm still planning a sequel, but considering it has taken me almost a year to edit and expand Linatar's Pet I won't give a target date. Life seems to have a way of Gibbs' smacking me. I suppose an NCIS reference thrown in with a sci fi update isn't exactly appropriate, but who cares.

I improved my cover. It needed a bit of help. I also officially have a blurb. So things are starting to come together. I'm really excited about that.


Arok is a slave. Being a slave is easy. Do what your Linatar masters tell you. Master Labin taught Arok that his purpose was to serve and please the Linatar. Life was simple till Arok was sold to Dantfur, a Linatar with a completely different view, an honorable view, a view that could prove troublesome while bringing Arok unimaginable pleasure.

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