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Monday, March 16, 2015

I'll be in Mythologically Torqued Anthology Volume 1

I got a new contract today! Weee. I'm doing the happy dance.

My writing partner Eva Lefoy encouraged me to write a short story for the
Mythologically Torqued call by Torquere Press. They were looking for hot GLBT stories based on mythology. This seemed like a fun challenge. I was going to pick one where I could write with my typical historical flair. 

Problem was I didn't like any of the more common myths. Eva chose to write about Hercules. He's a hunk, right? I have nothing against the god. *grin*

So I scoured mythology books in the library and sites on line until I came across the perfect myth. The myth of the swan maiden.

Similar to the selikie, this myth involved shapeshifters who could go from swan to human form. If someone stole their garment of feathers then they are unable to escape. Being held prisoner, the females usually became wives and mothers of their captives.

So I took this tale to a Antebellum plantation and the man who captures the swan shifter isn't after a wife. He is after a free slave. The swan shifter has flawless skin so he thinks he'll be a good breeder. Little did the slave owner realize the swan shifter was gay!

It was a fun story to write.

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