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Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Teaser Tuesday - Tempted by the #Vampire #GLBTQ

It is dangerous for a man to fall in love with a vampire. Yet, Aiden can't help himself!


An injured Confederate soldier crawls across a Virginia battlefield to find shelter from the rain. Late at night, he sees the visage of a pale white man dressed in black moving among the dead and dying. When the man heads his way, Aiden is sure his death is imminent. But the man doesn’t take his life. Instead, he saves it. Then, in a quiet moment, they share a kiss.

Haunted by that kiss, Aiden returns to the scene of the battle and searches for the man whose touch he cannot forget. He has no idea he’s putting himself in an even graver danger…

Thomas is a half incubus, half vampire who feeds one side of his soul and starves the other. It is his demon side that has never forgotten Aiden and Thomas has never stopped fantasizing about him. When the man shows up on his doorstep years after the war has ended, his presence threatens Thomas’ rigid self-control and self-imposed scavenger lifestyle. Aiden incites the demon within him, a being that can kill Aiden with sexual pleasure.

Thomas resists the urge to mate Aiden. He thinks he is protecting him but is he actually putting the human in more danger? And when Aiden discovers the demon inside him, will he choose to trust their fragile connection or run?

Here is a teaser from my M/M novella Half Soul

Thomas hovered over him tall body looming over Aiden’s shorter frame. His mouth parted and his incisors lengthened into fangs.
Aiden blinked and gasped.
“See,” Thomas growled. “I’m a monster.”
Aiden raised a finger toward one of Thomas’ long teeth, in a trance. If he touched the fang he’d be able to tell if it was real.
Thomas snapped his mouth shut and Aiden withdrew his finger.
Closing his eyes, Aiden’s muscles turned to jelly and he began to fall.
Thomas scooped him into his arms without warning and with frightening ease, proceeded to carry him out of the sitting room and down a dark hallway.
“It has been a long time since I’ve had a man in my bed,” Thomas mused. The smile brightening his face said he liked the idea very much. The hints of danger were seemingly forgotten.
Aiden’s hands roamed Thomas’ back, delighting in the feel of his muscles.
Being held brought his mouth close to the pale man’s and he claimed Thomas’ lips in a crushing kiss.
As if sensing his hesitation, Thomas knelt at the foot of the bed. “You have entirely too many clothes on,” he said in a guttural voice.

Aiden’s cock ached. God, Thomas’ voice sounded as deep and masculine as a grizzly bear. There was a dangerous air about him. Perhaps he should have listened to Thomas’ warning, but the risks merely increased the excitement.

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