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Friday, May 31, 2013

Meet Kojo and Captain Mather

My first historical erotica novella is Saltwater Lover... a M/M romance set aboard a slaving ship in 1800.

When Kojo, a native African with one foot in this world and one foot in the spirit world, is captured and hauled aboard a slaving ship, he meets Captain Mather a man who stirs strange desires in him. Is he a devil meant to sell him, or steal his heart?

Captain Mather lusts for Kojo the first time he sees him bound on the beach. He resists the African’s charms even though he is the first man to arouse him in years. Falling in love with a slave is wrong and when they land he will be sold. And he needs the money the fine man will bring if he is to pay off his creditors.

Kojo goes on a hunger strike and Captain Mather is forced to take care of him. Passions ignite over the long voyage. Is their forbidden love doomed or do the spirits have another plan?

I picture Kojo as a young Denzel Washington. He's drop dead sexy! Look at those eyes and lips.

Now for the other half of this hot duo. Deciding on the actor to play Captain Mather was harder for me. It actually took me a long time. I never found someone who perfectly fit his character.

Saltwater Lover is a May/September romance so Captain Mather is older and more experienced. I picture the stalwart seaman as looking similar to Brad Pitt. 

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