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Sunday, May 5, 2013

Cowboys are fun by Eva Lefoy

Okay, y’all know my first story out from Decadent Publishing is a M/F contemporary with sexy whipped cream and a hot chef, right?

Well, I also have a *hot* M/M cowboy story with Shiloh Saddler in the works! It’s about a black (gay) bull rider on the PBR circuit and the man who fall in love with him. Oh, and it also has a killer clown!
Last night the GS Long bull riding event came to town and I happened to snap a photo of the ring just to whet y’all’s appetite:
The ring
And here’s a snippet of the cowboy story:
The hard length inside pulsed with heat. He smoothed the moisture welling from the tip over the head. Soon Cole was bucking into his hand.
“Please, Garrett.”
“Yes,” he breathed. “Enough teasing.” He undid Cole’s shirt, shucked his own clothes and pulled a condom out of his pocket. 

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