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Monday, September 29, 2014

#MasturbationMonday Roman Style #historical #erotic #LGBTQ excerpt

This is my second time participating in Masturbation Monday. I'd like to thank everyone for commenting on last week's post. I greatly appreciated the encouraging response. I'm sharing an excerpt from my new release Private Pleasure that is a followup to last week's.

In case you missed last week's Livia, a member of the Roman elite, shares a secret Sapphic relationship with her slave Naomi. Their relationship is threatened when her father proclaims that she is to marry the powerful Senator Felix.

Now they want to enjoy every day they have left together.


Naomi studied her domina. Her naturally golden hair was highly prized, and helped gain her a desirable husband, a dashing and respected senator.
Naomi pushed back her jealousy. She didn’t like the idea of the man taking liberties with Domina’s body. The layers of ringlets which Naomi had carefully formed this morning fell to the sides and back of Domina’s shoulders creating great volume.
Her hazel eyes held a mixture of care and passion, crowned by delicately arched brows. Her deep red lips curled into a contented smile. Adorned in gold and jeweled bracelets she looked like a goddess. At eighteen winters she was old for a bride, but her father hadn’t been in a hurry to marry off his only daughter. He’d worked hard to gain an advantageous alliance with her marriage. To help aid his efforts, he gifted her with silken stolas and other finery.
Naomi sucked on Domina’s breast through the expensive cloth, taking as much into her mouth as she could.
Kisses feathered across Naomi’s forehead, cheeks, and chin. Smooth, feminine hands brushed up her spine and forcefully grasped her dark locks. The twinge of pain renewed the fire between her legs.
Domina directed her to suck the other breast. The silk, smooth in her mouth, molded well over Domina’s well-endowed chest. She grabbed every man’s attention when at a party or other social gathering. Right now, though, she was all Naomi’s.
Realizing their chances to indulge in their secret trysts could be running short, she renewed her efforts. Pain seared her chest at the thought. Over the past years never once had a day gone by that they had been separated from each other. Domina’s wedding could slice through her world like a sword, cutting them apart.
If that was the case she wanted to leave a lasting impression. She didn’t want Domina to forget their connection, to forget the way she made her feel, and made her come.
Her breasts soaking wet, nipples taut under the tunica, Domina stretched her neck to the side.
Naomi rose to her knees and took the silent direction, trailing light kisses across her sensitive skin. Domina breathed heavier, their breasts pressed against each other. Naomi felt every breath, every heartbeat, every shudder.
Naomi inhaled Domina’s expensive Iris perfume. Iris, a dainty, fragile flower, fit Domina well. The scent excited Naomi, her stomach coiled with heat.
Domina threaded her fingers through Naomi’s hair and a shiver crawled up Naomi’s spine. Every intimate touch from Domina only increased her hunger and desire for more.
Naomi covered every uncia of her alabaster neck. She kissed the tip of her chin, and then tried to kiss her lips, but Domina moved backward and the kiss turned into a merely awkward brush.
Naomi scrambled off the bed and followed, not wanting their intimacy to end so soon.
Domina pushed Naomi to the floor, forcing her to kneel at her feet. The commanding action sped Naomi’s heartbeat.
The spicy aroma of Domina’s intimate need filled the room and made Naomi tingle. She gently pushed up the ankle-length tunica, caressing and massaging her calves and working her way up her thighs.
Domina closed her eyes. “Mmm,” she said softly.
Naomi grinned, her chest warming at the sight of Domina’s bliss.
The wafting scent of Domina’s arousal was so intoxicating it took all her self-control to not plunge her face between her thighs.
Domina clasped her hands behind Naomi’s head and guided her face to her mound. Her heart fluttered, thankful it was time to taste her. Desire flooded her veins.
“Now,” Domina mouthed.
Naomi leaned forward, placing both hands on Domina’s thighs, spreading her open further. Naomi moaned, breathing in Livia’s secret lust for her.
Naomi looked forward to this moment every night, eating up every moment of intimacy before she got Domina ready for bed. Naomi reached out and ran her fingers through her blond pubic curls. Her tongue teased between Domina’s lower lips. The tangy flavor encouraged Naomi to lick more. She slid her tongue over the swollen sensitive flesh of her mistress’s clit.
Domina gasped and then clenched her teeth together.
Naomi’s head swam with the heady taste. Domina tasted rich and luscious, flavored with forbidden pleasure.
“Yes,” Domina encouraged in a breathy whisper. “More.”
Naomi pushed her tongue deeper, enjoying how Domina moaned.
Domina put her fingers in her mouth to prevent any louder sounds.
She curled the tip of her tongue along the hard bead within Domina’s moist folds. Her lick, merely a whisper, caused Livia to pant and gasp above her.
Not bothering with an order, she pushed Naomi’s head deeper between the juncture of her legs.
Naomi doubled her efforts. She sucked at the swollen bead, spreading Domina’s legs wider to keep herself from toppling over.
A throaty growl escaped Domina’s finger-filled mouth.
Eager to please, she pulled hard on the woman’s clit with her lips, wanting to bring Livia to the edge.
The cool air brushed against her naked body doing little to relieve the heat spreading across her skin. Her mound felt slippery again, the scent of her arousal mixing with Domina’s.
Her thighs quivered and Livia reached down, holding her shoulders to steady her.
Naomi rocked her hips, but knew there was nothing to provide her with the needed friction. She wouldn’t be able to come again until Domina provided assistance…or asked her to touch herself. She didn’t care which. She needed relief. Soon.
“Me first,” Domina said.
Naomi nodded, her tongue continuing to lave the moist folds.
Domina thrust her hips outwards, pressing herself against Naomi’s tongue. Her movements grew faster and more desperate.
Naomi ignored her aching cheeks, focusing only on Domina’s pleasure. She flattened her tongue and circled the sensitive bead, knowing how to push her over the peak. Domina bit her wrist to muffle her sounds of pleasure.
Naomi continued to alternately lick and suck, feeling Domina’s every contraction. The rich taste washed across her tongue and she swallowed all of the delicious juice she could.
Domina quit shaking and Naomi pulled back, taking a deep breath. Her head felt fuzzy from the rush. She licked her lips to catch any remaining drops.
“You were so good,” Domina praised. With one finger, she traced Naomi’s jawline.
Naomi’s heartbeat thundered in her chest. Domina was her goddess, her touch heavenly.


  1. Very hot! Not usually my cup of tea, but I loved the feel of this. Well done.

  2. Oh, very nice! Keep 'em coming if they're all going to be like this. :)