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Monday, September 22, 2014

#MasturbationMonday in Ancient Rome #historical #erotic and #LGBTQ excerpt

This is my first time participating in Masturbation Monday. I'm sharing an excerpt from my new release Private Pleasure. Livia, a member of the Roman elite, shares a secret Sapphic relationship with her slave Naomi. Their relationship is threatened when her father proclaims that she is to marry the powerful Senator Felix.

Now they want to enjoy every day they have left together.


Long brown tresses cascading across her shoulders, Naomi backed up to the bed and lay down, raising her arms above her head. This seductive move showed off her curves, especially the swell of her bosom and accentuated the rise of her mons.
“You’re beautiful,” Livia said, approaching her.
Naomi’s smile brightened. “Thank you, Domina.
She stood at the foot of the bed, between Naomi’s splayed legs. Her hands traveled across her knees, up her thighs, then dipping down to her mound, already beginning to glisten with desire.
Naomi gasped at the caress, pleasure seeping through her gaze.
Livia delighted in her power over the enslaved Venus. Their debauchery was shunned, but Naomi had not complained when Livia had first asked to see all of her and drank in every compliment showered upon her.
Livia leaned over and brushed kisses across Naomi’s smooth belly, blazing a trail lower.
Naomi’s bosom rose and fell in rapid succession, her fingers intertwined in the bed sheets. She knew not to move, not to make a sound.
Naomi slipped a finger inside her, feeling the moist heat and delighting in the wetness, and in Naomi’s tiny moan.
“Shh,” Livia said.
Naomi bit her lip and held her breath.
Livia slowly probed her lovers heated core, thrusting the digit in and dragging it back out.
Naomi’s head tipped back, the curve of her neck available for kissing.
Shifting her body, straddling the prone woman with one leg on the bed, Livia licked and kissed her neck and throat. Her finger continued their languid fucking.
Frustration began to show on Naomi’s face, Livia could not hold back a laugh. The woman wanted more, needed more.
Livia added a second finger and increased the pace of her ministrations.
Naomi hissed.
Livia shook her head, reminding Naomi to remain silent.
No one must know of their private pleasures. If their secret was ever exposed, both of them would be courting disaster. Most likely Naomi would be sold and a disgraced Livia would bring shame upon her family… She’d be lucky if all her father did was disown her and banish her from her home. The laws would allow him to do much worse things.
Naomi’s nipples stood taut, erect. Livia abandoned her neck, latched onto the right one and sucked deeply. She rolled the hardened bud with her tongue until Naomi gasped.
The woman just couldn’t keep quiet this evening. Livia muffled the woman’s mouth with her own, slipping her tongue into the open mouth, claiming it, mastering it.
Naomi moaned, the noise swallowed by Livia’s mouth. The sensation of their lips pressed together made Livia’s nether region throb and her juices flow. She kissed Naomi with pent up passion, her fingers continuing their teasing.
Their intimacy was a treasure she held dear, a closely guarded secret. She always saw that Naomi was satisfied and the woman returned the favors.
Livia teased her, dragged it out as long as she could, watching Naomi writhe on the bed, silently begging for more.
Livia shifted her mouth to Naomi’s left nipple, giving it the same attention as the right one, pinching, licking and sucking. When she pulled back her teeth grazed the sensitive flesh.
Naomi was so wet her fingers easily slipped within the woman’s moist heat. Naomi panted, but did not say a word.
Livia kneaded the woman’s now wet breasts hard, but not rough enough to bruise the tender pale skin.
Naomi’s mouth gaped open and Livia feared she would cry out, but the scream was silent.
“You like this, don’t you?” Livia cooed.
“Yes, Domina,” Naomi rasped. Her voice sounded from deep in her throat, almost a grunt.
She was holding back and Livia loved to torture her. But now it was time.
Ready to bring her bliss, Livia worried the protruding bud within Naomi’s nether lips with a finger. A tremor rippled across her servant’s flesh.
Livia’s heart ached to not only give Naomi pleasure but freedom as well. When she had been but a young girl she’d asked father for that favor which he quickly denied. A slave could only be freed if they had a way to support themselves, and a woman was required to find a husband, first. Livia didn’t know if she could let Naomi go. Could she share her sweet body with a man?
Suddenly Naomi’s body tensed and Livia knew she was close. Her heart ached at the thought of their parting. She couldn’t leave her. Her melancholy would be enough to drive her husband into madness.
Livia increased the pace of her finger thrusts wanting to watch Naomi come to pieces. The woman sank her teeth into her plump lip and her eyes widened. She came hard, gushing onto Livia’s hand.
Livia continued playing with the bead until the aftershocks ended, delighting in every whimper escaping Naomi’s clamped lips.
Livia dried off her hand on a scrap of cloth. Naomi’s smooth skin was now slightly flushed and shone with sweat.
The scent of her musk mixed with her own arousal. She was soaked and ready for Naomi to return the pleasure.
She offered her hands and helped pull Naomi to a sitting position on the bed. Naomi’s eyes locked with hers.
Naomi rested her head on Livia’s shoulder. Her slave’s body heat seeped through her stola, and Livia inhaled sharply.
Naomi offered a mischievous smile, eyes gleaming.
Livia cradled Naomi’s face in her hands and kissed her forehead, directing her forward.
Naomi readily obeyed, licking Livia’s right breast through her clothing.
“Yes,” Livia said softly. This is what she’d been dreaming about for hours.

Happy Masturbation Monday!



  1. That was hot, with just enough tenderness. Excellent.

  2. Thank you for playing along and THANK YOU for that excerpt. Rawr!

    1. I'm glad you liked it, Kayla! You're very welcome. Rawr!

  3. Ah, I liked that so much more than I thought I would. I agree that there's a bit of sweet with this heat.

    1. I always think there should be a little sweet. :)

  4. Delightful...explicit but, as others have said, sweet--real connection between them.

    1. The connection only gets deeper. This is from the beginning of the book. ;)

  5. Sweet and sexy. Love the conflict you've set up for them as well.

  6. I loved the care and intimacy in their pairing. Seductive, hot and so connecting.