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Saturday, July 13, 2013

My Sexy Saturday: Bath time Surprise

Time for another excerpt from my f/f western romance.

Seven more yummy sentences!

Sometimes there is nothing sexier than a steamy bath.

The Virgin Madame:

I nervously approached the bath, stepping closer to the gorgeous naked girl. Her skin, slick with water, shown gold in the amber glow of the kerosene lamp. A hot steamy bath with Josephine made my heart palpitate. But first I had to undress.

Josephine watched me, anticipation in her eyes. Her teeth sunk into her plump lip. “You better hurry up before the water turns cold,” she teased.

There many more sexy excerpts to read. You better start hopping. Here is the link to all the participating blogs:

I am currently plotting the second novella in my girls and guns series between a veterinarian and a rancher. Next Saturday I might have an excerpt ready from that one. 

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