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Monday, September 28, 2015

New Release Time for Terri by Rosyln Bane #FFromance #LSbooks

How did you get the idea for Time For Terri?
The character Terri was in another story I was working on where she is a lesbian friend to a heterosexual woman. However as I wrote that story Terri was becoming more prominent in the story and pushing it away from the direction I wanted it to go.  I pulled her out of the story with the intention of eventually writing a short story featuring her. That lasted for four days. I woke up one morning and her story started to come to life, in fact it demanded that I write it now.
The location for the story was inspired by a vacation to the Bryson City area, and some great kayaking, just weeks before the story came to life.

Why is Terri so guarded and secretive?
Well that is revealed in the story. However, her characteristics and insecurities match the psychological profile and relationship problems that are commonly experienced by real people dealing with the same issue.

Will we see Terri and Sheila again?
They will be secondary characters in Book 2 of the series. The follow on novel is the story of Abby Brown a NC Highway patrol officer who is introduced in Time For Terri.

Author Bio
Roslyn Bane wrote poetry and short stories in high school which remained largely unseen except by her closest friends. She grew up in Maryland and has lived in the Florida panhandle, coastal Virginia and Wisconsin.
She now lives near York, Pennsylvania with her family and two lovable labs.
She spends her free time in the outdoors enjoying photography, swimming, bicycling, canoeing, kayaking and downhill skiing. A voracious reader, she enjoys books from many genres. She has a weakness for chocolate and fresh cookies. She loves the smell of rain in the woods, and watching the night sky. The inspiration for, her stories comes from daily life, hobbies, her love of the outdoors, and people watching.
She is a member of the Romance Writers of America, Central Pennsylvania Romance Writers, Passionate Ink, and Rainbow Romance Writers.

Find Roslyn on the web at:
Twitter: @RosBane

One woman has given up on love. One is trying to find her place in a new town. When their lives collide, they must find a way to put their pasts behind them and learn to trust and love again. Time for Terri is a great beginning to Roslyn Bane’s new contemporary romance series, Smoky Mountain Romance.

Terri Greene is a professional photographer who travels the world but calls the small town of Bryson City, NC home. She has made a nice life for herself and kept her painful past deeply buried. She has a reputation for being friendly but elusive. She hammered her heart shut years ago and has long since given up hope for a loving relationship.

Sheila McDevitt, a new arrival to town, has opened a veterinary practice and is determined to succeed in this close-knit community. Viewed as an outsider, she struggles to grow her practice. Unfinished business from her past causes difficulties with her current plans.

When these two women’s lives intersect the changes are unforeseeable. As trust grows and inner demons are tamed, can they see past their own busy professional lives and find success in the part of life that matters most.

When Sheila walked Terri out, they lingered by her jeep, their eyes met, held, each searching for some signal. Sheila’s gaze drifted to Terri’s mouth for a moment, before she stepped away.
“I’m so glad you could come over.”
Terri smiled, her dimples showing. “Thanks for inviting me. I’ll see you tomorrow.”
As she drove away, she glanced in the rearview mirror and saw Sheila standing outside. God, she was so sexy. On the short ride back to her house, Terri thought about the day. She wasn’t sure what was going on with Sheila. Several times she had felt Sheila looking at her intently—with clear sexual interest—but she didn’t pursue it. Was she finding herself? Was she lonely and thinking about experimenting? Was her marriage so bad that she swore off men? Perhaps her marriage had been a sham to cover for her true preferences. Whatever the cause, with the conflicting signals Sheila was sending, Terri would be sure to tread carefully.
If Terri made a move and Sheila was not interested, would she remain quiet or would she drag Terri out of the closet? That was not something she was willing to risk. It had proven too costly for her before. She rubbed at her shoulder unconsciously as she continued down the road.


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