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Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Half Vampire, Half Incubus... All Sexy!

After reading a lot of vampire novels and a few books with demons I got a crazy idea to write one of my own. Of course, knowing me, the story was going to be historical. It is also a M/M story. What couldn't be better, right?

Here is an unedited excerpt from my work in progress Half Soul.

The opening starts during the Civil War.


Both his incubus side and vampire side urged him to claim the sleeping mortal for his own. No, he would not give in to the monster. Instead he focused on the remaining humanity inside him. While he might only have half a soul it was enough to give him a conscience. Under no circumstances would he take advantage of the vulnerable soldier.
Close to dawn, the reb’s eyes opened. “Thank you,” he mumbled.
Thomas’ heart warmed. “You’re welcome.” The man had made it through the night and did not show any signs of more infection. He’d successfully sucked out the disease last night. “What’s your name, soldier?”
“Aiden. Aiden Clark.”
“Nice to meet you Aiden. My name is Thomas. You’ll be fine. There are hospital wagons coming to pick up the wounded, but they are moving slowly in the mud. It is still raining outside.”
“You’re going to leave me, Thomas?” The quiet plea in the man’s voice clenched his gut. He didn’t want to leave Aiden. The longer he stayed in the man’s presence the more he was attracted to him. He knew, being half incubus, it would be impossible for him to have a meaningful relationship. He’d resigned himself to a lonely existence until he met Aiden.
Could he spend eternity with a man? His cock stirred, tenting in his course black cotton trousers. Yes!
No. He let out a grunt, disgusted with himself. It wouldn’t be right to destroy the man’s future. “Yes. I’m sorry. I have to go before the hospital wagon comes.”
Aiden turned his head, looking away from him. “Fine. Just go.” He spat out the words coated in hurt.
Thomas put his hand on Aiden’s shoulder and his heat seeped into his own lukewarm body. “You don’t understand I…”
“You’re running. You’re wanted for something or you’re a deserter. Most everyone is these days.”
“No, I’m not. I…” Words failed him again. With a finger he directed Aiden to turn his face again, looking into his river blue eyes. Not know what to say, and being unable to explain, he kissed Aiden on the lips, the light caress deepening when Aiden kissed him back.
Aiden reached up and wrapped a hand around Thomas’ head, holding him still. His cock strained in a futile attempt to get closer to the man. His lust multiplied with each second they touched until he could picture the reb stripped naked on his hands and knees waiting to be taken from behind.
Finally, Thomas pulled back, his heart beating wildly. Reluctantly, he lifted Aiden’s hand away. “I’m sorry,” he choked. “I have to go.”

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