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Monday, July 28, 2014

Bitten by Snake Oil -- Done!

In my last post you learned about Decedent Publishing's new Beyond Fairytales Line. I finally finished and submitted my story. Bitten by Snake Oil is a M/M historical western romance and a retelling of the Grimm Fairytale The Old Man Made Young Again.

I knew my retelling was going to be a M/M story and I knew I wanted it to be a western but that was as far as I had gotten...for months.

My deadline was the end of this month and it really put me in a tight spot. If you have read the Grimm story it does not easily lend itself to romance.

Bitten by Snake Oil was the hardest story I've ever written. I never thought I'd finish it! But I did. Whew.

Determination helps overcome writer's block. :)

Here is a fun excerpt:

A short wiry man stood on the pull out platform in the back of his brightly colored wagon playing a banjo and singing about an elixir that could work miracles. “Peter Saint’s powders and tonics can make the old feel young again and make the blind see. It can make the crippled walk and the ill-tempered glee.” Townsfolk doing their Saturday shopping gathered around taking in the medicine show.

I couldn’t recall the last time a medicine show had come through Tumbleweed. Leaning against the side of my blacksmith’s shop I took in the entertainment from a distance. My pulse quickened. The man’s strong melodious voice captivated me. No, if I was truly honest with myself I’d admit I was more interested in the way he filled out that sharp salesman suit. If only I could peel off his navy blue stripped vest and white shirt to run my hands across the planes of his chest and then open his sable trousers.

­­­The breeze ruffled Mr. Saint’s blonde hair under his chestnut colored derby hat. The movement drew my attention to the man’s emerald eyes. Realizing I was staring, I bent my head, and my cheeks heated. It must be nearing 100 degrees outside. I grabbed my shirt collar and tugged it up to wipe off some of the sweat oozing down my neck. I struck the match against the side of my blacksmith shop and lit my pipe. Tobacco wasn’t as good a distraction as a cool glass of whiskey, but it would have to do for the moment.

Taking a puff on my pipe, I tried not to look at the man with the perfect build.

Jed thinks the tonic might be able to help him git rid of the sinful thoughts of lusting after Peter. Of course, magic has limited powers and well doesn't usually work the way one thinks it should.

You don't know what Peter Saint's tonic and powders will do until you try some.

Do you want one? It is only a dollar a bottle. *grin*

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