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Saturday, May 17, 2014

Hop Against Homophobia

So today I’m posting as part of the Hop Against Homophobia. I people stop by and check out some of the other sites involved in the hop. There is a prize offered at each stop, but this is more than a blog hop with great reads and fun prizes. This is a blog hop for a cause. While we have made many gains recently in gaining acceptance we are a long way from wiping out Homophobia. We still need to open people’s minds and hopefully their hearts too.

May 17th is the International Day Against Homophobia and Transphobia.

I’ve always been accepting of the GLBT community. Many of my friends from high school on have been gay, lesbian or bi. It was never an issue for me. Naturally when I started writing romance I came up with many ideas involved GLBT characters.

Unfortunately, I live in a conservative town and not everyone accepts my writing (to say the least). I know this is nothing compared to those people who have a difficult time coming out to their families and friends. I feel for them I really do. I wish all the fear and hate would go away. Recently I’ve had people come to my door preaching that the world was coming to an end because we were legally allowing gay marriage. Yikes!

There are still some individuals not giving up on the ideas that have existed for hundreds of years. My favorite subject in school was history. I think that is why my favorite GLBT genre is historical romance. At least being gay or lesbian in the United States is not a crime. I often walk a fine line in my historical romances of being historically correct while ensuring the happy ending. I guess I like the added challenge.

Want to see how I did it?

Leave a comment for your chance to win either “Saltwater Lover” (M/M) or “The Virgin Madam” (F/F) in ebook form.

Saltwater Lover Blurb:

A slave and a ship’s captain. A doomed love. But one man, determined to follow his heart, will risk everything in a daring attempt to save the man he loves. Shiloh Saddler weaves a bittersweet tale in her newest historical romance, Saltwater Lover.

In 1800, Kojo is a native African with deep connections to the spirits—but those spirits choose not to save him from the slaving ship. He’s captured and taken aboard, where he meets Captain Mather. During the long journey to America, not even the spirits can save him from their growing attraction. Love blooms. A doomed love. For when they land, Kojo’s fate is to be sold.

Captain Mather can’t imagine Kojo being treated as a slave. Desperate to spare him from that life, the captain hides him, taking him to his home. When he’s blackmailed by a mutinous former crewmember, there seems little choice but to sell his ship and pay. Anything to save the man he loves.

The Virgin Madam Blurb:

After a vicious outlaw murders her father, Laura Rutherford sees no future beyond running the family brothel and kowtowing to the local gang. Not even marriage offers escape. No man can compete with the beautiful women who dance the cancan for her each least not until a gentle stranger sweeps in and opens her eyes to desires too long denied.

Joe Bascum stumbles into Bitterroot Flats looking for a place to hide from a gunman out for blood. When the innocent Madam from the local brothel offers a bed and bath, Joe accepts hoping to show the buttoned-up beauty just how right forbidden desire can feel.

When danger escalates, can Laura help Joe defeat the famous Fletcher gang, or is she destined to live a lonely life as the virgin Madam?

I hope you continue hopping!


  1. please count me in

  2. I never really liked historicals except in m/ glad that there can be accuracy and an HEA!


  3. I love historical romance, too :)

  4. First of all, your book blurbs are really interesting. Also, it feels bad to hear that your conservative town does not accept your writing. I can feel your pain as a writer as people around me does not like my radical views either.


  5. Interesting to consider a f/f historical, definitely f/f for "The Virgin Madame" :D authorjoellecasteel at excite dot com

  6. There are many reasons to stay private about what we write, although that has its costs, too. Best of luck to you!

  7. Thank you for taking part in the hop. Please count me in.

    humhumbum AT yahoo DOT com

  8. Thank you for being so open minded.

  9. Historical Romance is my favorite genre as well. Thanks for participating.

  10. Thanks for hop.

  11. Thanks for being a part of the hop!
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  12. Small town living has its drawbacks. Keep writing and spreading love. You never know when it will touch someone, right when they need it.

    Thanks for hosting the giveaway. I love finding new authors to read. Fingers crossed to win.

    Have a great weekend!

    skeeterlee63 @

  13. I love historical books. Thanks for the giveaway.
    sstrode at scrtc dot com

  14. Thanks everyone for commenting and for the encouraging words. Sorry I was unavailable for comment. I was on vacation. :)
    I'll post the winner soon...