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Saturday, February 1, 2014

Fairies and Music - Daisy Banks Guest Blog

It is my pleasure to welcome Daisy Banks to my blog. She is on her Valentine Wishes blog tour. Can you believe it is already February? Soon it will be Valentine's Day. If you are looking for a romance read for the holiday I recommend hers!

Fairies and Music

As part of my Valentine Wishes blog tour each of my blogs is about fairies and elements of fairy lore. This post is about the link between the world of the fae and music.

A while ago while I was visiting the beautiful city of York, I had a bit of a revelation regarding the power and importance of music. I love music of all kinds and always have, but to be woken in the morning by the forceful sound of a single thumping drum beat as a drummer passed my window really made me think. The sheer power of that drum got me peering out of the window. The drum was an advert for a group of actors about to perform. They were literally, ‘drumming up custom’.

Today we are surrounded by music at the touch of a button, sadly when I’m out and about I find not all the music on offer is lovely, but it is still a part of our world. In the past music was a precious thing available rarely to ordinary people, apart from those who sang or played instruments at home. Music touched people in the past as it touches us now, but more so in my opinion because of its scarcity. This is what I think lead to the belief that the fairy folk made uncanny music of great power, and great danger to mortals.

Several tales tell of young men and women lured away from their homes and families by the sweetest music heard at twilight in the precincts of known fairy paths.

In the tales the young people often fall asleep to the sound of the compelling fairy musicians, some tales tell that these individuals awake in the world of the fae, or at a fairy court. Other tales tell of music lessons given to the mortals who become wonderful players and can’t bear to leave the land of fairy to return home.

There are stories of those who do eventually find their way back to their mortal home and discover to their horror many years have passed while they have lingered listening to fairy music in what seemed to them only one night.

Like so many things associated with fairies and their ways the music remains a mystery and something to lure our interest. I do know when I have been walking the hills it has been very easy to imagine the sound of fairy music as an accompaniment to the sunset.

Music plays a part in my story Valentine Wishes published by Liquid Silver Books is available on the 10th of February.

Music in the story helps set the scene for romance and magic. Here is a little snippet from the story to tempt you. I am also offering a giveaway today of my ghostly love story, Your Heart My Soul, to one randomly selected commentator on this blog.

“There yer are, I knew yer were here. I’ve been waiting for ye all night.” She spun around at the velvet caress of a voice she remembered so well. “No,” she squeaked.


Not possible.

Her stomach knotted and she wanted to crawl away and hide. His golden hair glinted in the glow of the colored lights and he smiled wide in greeting. She could hardly keep herself in the air. A wave of heat scorched her face.

“Poppy, ’tis me, Cedar Heartwood. Yer remember me, don’t ye, darlin’?” He flew a little closer, and she nodded as she sank down toward the lawn.

Her knees sagged.


I remember you…who couldn’t? You haven’t changed at all.

His eyes still entranced with hazel gleams. She ached to throw her arms around him, and as she steadied herself, she swept her gaze up to his face again. He still had the most enticing lips she’d ever seen.

Oh, by the wind in the leaves. How many hours did I sit among the daisies and wonder what it would be like to kiss him?

She shook herself, torn between long held hopes and tonight’s despair. He had to go, at least until later. “I can’t speak with ye now, Cedar. I’m busy.”

You can pre-order a copy of Valentine Wishes here and get an early bird discount.

You can find out more about Daisy Banks and her stories at the following places.

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  1. Thanks so much for hosting me, Shiloh, it is lovely to be here.

  2. Lovely post, Daisy. I have music on all day long. Generally, it's just instrumental, so I'm not distracted by the words, but occasionally I change it up. I love the idea of fairy music enticing people to follow. Good luck with the book release.

    1. Thanks for commenting, Gemma. I listen to music too when I'm writing. Thanks for the good wishes.

  3. I'm a great lover of music too, except in clothes shops, then it's not the sound but the volume, but I do have wind chimes in the garden which the faeries play each morning.

    1. I love wind chimes and I bet the fairies do play each morning in your beautiful Shropshire garden, Diane. Thanks for commenting.