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Friday, September 26, 2014

My Sexy Saturday: Role Reversal

Get your sexy on!

I'm dusting off an old WIP for My Sexy Saturday. Role Reversal is currently in edits and will be released December 1st!

This little novella is a M/M historical with light BDSM elements and will be the first in His Dark Master series because there is so much more of Robert and Andrew's story I have left to tell.

For now here are 7 sentences. :)

The more time he spent with Robert the more he desired him. The heat nearly unbearable, he pulled off his coat and vest. Taking off all his clothes, the fever remained. Only fucking him would bring relief.

Robert’s gaze roamed his masculine body starting at broad shoulders and working lower. The appreciation in his eyes elicited a tiny shiver. The small man approved.

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